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Nepal with Kids: My Family Adventure: Family Trekking in Nepal 



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Family Trekking in the Himalayas

The Family Trekking in the Himalayas holiday is offered by our partner agent Ravi, who is based in India. Ravi has been organising holidays in India and the Indian subcontinent for 20 years and is very experienced at creating family-friendly itineraries. Ravi and his team are headquartered in Delhi and have representatives in over 30 cities in India.
For more information on this holiday and our partner agent, see Trekking in the Himalayas with Kids

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Nepal with Kids: A guide to Nepal for families

Nepal: Why You’ll Love It 

Nepal Family Trekking Holiday


Annapurna Mountains

  • Pokhara is the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit trek as well as dozens more hiking and walking opportunities in the mighty Himalayas.
  • In Pokhara the snowy peaks of the Annapurna Range are visible from just about anywhere in town although the 6997-metre high holy mountain of Machhapuchhre, otherwise known as Fish Tail, dominates the skyline.
  • For truly jaw-dropping views trek to the World Peace Pagoda or visit Sarangkot.
  • Walking in the Annapurna Mountains is an incredible way to spend time as a family. The walks can be challenging at times – the paths are well maintained but rocky and steep in parts – but the experience is unparalleled.
  • Walk trails with local farmers, visit rural hamlets and witness some absolutely magnificent mountain scenery including spellbinding views of Annapurna South and Annapurna Four.



  • Few names conjure up magic and mysticism like Kathmandu, Nepal’s legendary capital.
  • This Himalayan kingdom has been luring travellers since the 1960s and 70s when hippies travelled the trail overland from Europe to Nepal in search of enlightenment.
  • These days Kathmandu is less peace and love and more complete sensory overload. Chaotic traffic, terrible pollution, crowded streets, buzzing mopeds and trekking touts, at times this city can be overwhelming.
  • But behind the modern glass facades it’s still possible to find pockets of ‘old’ Kathmandu.
  • Wander the narrow backstreets and you’ll find delicately carved temples, imposing palaces and traditional courtyards filled with rice drying in the sun.
  • Kathmandu is also home to some of Nepal’s most magnificent stupas including the magical Boudhanath Stupa, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • In the old capital of Bhaktapur families can climb temple steps (watch out for rats!), ring over-sized brass bells, discover enormous stone lions and marvel at a beautifully preserved ancient kingdom. Bhaktapur is located to the south-east of the city centre, 8 km from the airport.


Nepal: Why The Kids Will Love It

Nepal Family Trekking Holiday


Annapurna Mountains

  • Pokhara is a wonderful place for children and you can easily while away a few days in this charming lakeside town.
  • Boating on the lake and cycling around town will amuse little kids and their older siblings while daredevil teens can try a tandem microlight flight or paragliding to get a proper bird’s eye view of the Annapurnas.
  • There’s good food, fun shopping and a number of family-friendly museums where children can learn all about the Himalayas.



  • For thrills, spills and adventure look no further than rattling down the narrow winding streets of Kathmandu’s old town in a rickshaw.
  • This is a city for swashbucklers and explorers (think Tintin on his journey overland to Tibet) but it’s also, surprisingly, a city that families can enjoy. You just need to know where to look.
  • To make the most out of Kathmandu, our advice is to take it easy. Moving around the city streets takes time so plan your days accordingly and don’t try to cram too much in.
  • The old capital of Bhaktapur is a great place to explore with children – the traffic-free centre and comparatively few people makes wandering around a breeze. The Boudhanath Stupa also offers respite from the busy streets.
  • Families with big kids and teens should head to Thamel, a popular tourist ghetto and backpacker favourite, for cheap shopping, home comfort food and the chance to practice your bargaining skills.
  • For some space and quiet families should head to the Kathmandu Valley where forests and farmland take over and more outdoorsy pursuits can be enjoyed.

Nepal with Kids: When To Go

Nepal Family Trekking Holiday


Nepal enjoys four main seasons. The best months to enjoy trekking are from September to November and from March to May. During these months you’ll experience clear skies (although the spring months bring hazy afternoons), warm days and cool evenings; highs of around 25C and lows of around 10C.

From December to February the nights become very cold (lows of 5C) but the days are still warm.

The rains arrive in June and the mountains are blanketed in greenery and wildflowers. However, the rainy season does make trekking very wet, mountain views are few and far between and you have to watch out for leeches.

At any time of year you should be aware that the mountain sun is very strong.


Nepal With Kids: FAQ

Nepal Family Trekking Holiday

Capital: Kathmandu

Time: GMT + +5:45

Language: The national language is Nepali. In the cities and towns, English is widely spoken, particularly in the tourist sector.

Voltage: Electricity is mainly available in the Kathmandu Valley, where the current is 220 V/50 Cycles.

Visas: An entry visa for Nepal is required. It can be obtained either in advance from your local embassy or upon arrival in Nepal. Bring passport photos with you and US $ if possible.

Health & Vaccinations: You must be in reasonable health for trekking as medical facilities are generally unavailable in trekking areas. See trekking reviews for more information. No vaccinations are required for Nepal but you should consult a doctor for updated recommendations.

Getting There: Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) is the sole international airport in Nepal with one one domestic terminal and one international.

Money: The unit of currency is the Nepal rupee, divided into 100 paisa. Major credit cards and travelers checks are accepted by most local hotels, but only accepted in some restaurants and shops. Master and Visa Cards are the most widely accepted credit cards. All foreign currency taken into Nepal must be declared on arrival. You must produce an exchange receipt when reconverting money upon departure. Upon entering Nepal you are asked to declare cash currency over US $2000. Please note that Indian 500 rupees and 1000 rupees bills are not accepted in Nepal due to the high rate of counterfeit bill. You’re allowed to bring Indian currency in, but it should all be 100 rupee notes.

Safety: Please consult your own government’s travel advisory for safety advice such as

Trekking Tips: 

Accommodation: The lodges on this trek are owned and managed by our partner agent who has been operating and running treks in Nepal since 1992. The purpose-built lodges are simple but very comfortable. Only twin bedded rooms are available and these can accommodate one extra bed and a travel cot maximum.

Food: Meals included in this holiday will be detailed in the day-by-day itinerary. The meals served at the lodges are excellent and the kitchen is happy to accommodate meals for children (generally pasta and rice dishes) as well as heat up milk for little kids / infants and provide child-friendly snacks. The lodges are also happy to prepare dinners earlier for hungry little kids. Afternoon tea and biscuits are served daily. During long trek days a packed lunch is provided and on shorter days a hot lunch is served at the lodges after arriving.

Trekking, Altitude & Fitness: This trekking itinerary is only moderately difficult and follows a leisurely pace. However, you must be in reasonable health as medical facilities are generally unavailable in trekking areas. The altitude in Kathmandu is 1200m/4500 feet. The trails rise between 1000m/3500ft to 2000m/7000 feet, so altitude sickness should not affect you at these heights. However, almost everyone suffers some shortness of breath on some uphill sections. Anyone with breathing difficulties should consult a physician to determine their fitness for travel.

What to take for the family: A comprehensive list will be issued pre-departure.

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