10 Things to do with Kids in Dumaguete, The Philippines

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10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
Dumaguete For Kids!


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10 Things to do with Kids in Dumaguete

Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental, a Filipino island that lies south of Manila (a mere one hour flight from the capital). It’s a laid-back University town home to a large student population as well as a considerable number of expatriates who now call this sunny island home.

It’s a favourite among travellers of all ages for its beaches, hip restaurants and bars and good accommodation options. Dumaguete is also the jumping off point for some of the most popular dive sites in The Philippines including Apo Island where you may spot schools of jacks, colonies of clownfish and humphead wrasses – and that’s just for starters.

For families it’s a fabulous place to visit and we can’t recommend it highly enough! Here are my top 10 things to do with kids in Dumaguete.


1. Eat Bibingka on the roadside at Bacong

Our favourite roadside Bibingka stand


For the past 20 years a couple have been making Bibingka in their makeshift brick oven and it’s delicious! Bibingka is a warm coconut milk infused muffin bread, that provides the perfect combination of crunchy and moist. This particular Bibingka stall is opposite the school bus stop in Bacong and is open from 2pm until 4pm daily – so you only have a small window of opportunity to sample this local treat! This is the real deal in ultimate street food, and for just 10php per piece it’s a little cultural treasure.


2. Go to University

10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
The oldest building on campus, Silliman University


Established in 1901, Silliman University, is the first American university in Asia. It’s named after Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, a retired businessman and philanthropist from New York who gave the initial sum of $10,000 to start the school. Starting as an elementary school for boys, it expanded to become a college in 1910 and gained university status in 1938. The campus is lovely and it’s well worth taking a late afternoon stroll around the playing fields, dormitories and the original historic buildings. We would definitely recommend taking a guided tour with a student, who will share plenty of the historical anecdotes that give the university its unique character. We loved hearing the ghost stories of WWII phantoms who have haunted the buildings since the Japanese occupation.


3. Take the Kids to Dreamland

10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
Not so dreamy Dreamland!


If your children are anything like mine and love animals they will enjoy this pocket sized zoo with its camel, ostriches and monkeys. You can even feed the tropical birds yourself by requesting bird seed on arrival. Don’t let the name deceive you, this is not a grand theme park by any stretch! A visit takes just half an hour at most.


4. Have an Adventure at the Twin Lakes

Family Hotel Review: Sta Monica Beach Club , Dumaguete
The Twin Lakes, Dumaguete


Don some good hiking sandals and take a day trip to the twin lakes where you can enjoy hiking, swimming and a tranquil boat ride with the kids. Lakes Balinsasayao and Danao are two small crater lakes separated by a narrow mountain ridge in a hollow surrounded by Mount Guintabon to the west, Mount Balinsasayao to the east, Mount Kalbasaan to the north, and Mount Mahungot to the south.

The lakes are located on the eastern slope of the Talinis mountain range which is volcanic in origin. Lake Balinsasayao has a surface area of 190 acres and maximum depth of around 300 ft. The smaller Lake Danao is about half the size. Make sure you order lunch at the restaurant that’s located before the short hike down to Balinsasayao Lake, before you being your walk. The restaurant will have your lunch ready for when you return from the hike. Try the native fern salad, tinola and chicken adobo. The fern salad comes from the fernery next to the restaurant where they grow many different varieties of fern for cooking and medicinal use.


5. Devour Silvana biscuits 

10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
Silvana Biscuits, best kept frozen!


These delicious biscuits are a local specialty and can only be found on Negros Island. It’s definitely worth trying both the original and chocolate flavoured biscuits. Silvana biscuits can be found at Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries, which also makes sinful chocolate cakes among other goodies. It is customary in the Philippines for travellers to bring back gifts when they return from an adventure, a tradition that’s called pasalubong in tagalog, and you’ll often see locals with bags full of Silvana biscuits at Dumaguete Airport destined for their friends and family in Manila or overseas. These scrumptious biscuits are best kept frozen.


6. Swim with Whale Sharks at Oslob

Things to do with Kids on Bohol, The Philippines
Swimming with Whale Sharks


Swimming with whale sharks is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. Swimming with these gentle giants in their natural habitat is just magic! It’s even suitable for brave kids who love the ocean. I took my four-year-old who was amazed, awe-inspired and just a little scared. You can hire a boat from any of the dive resorts located in Dauin and a trip takes around two hours. I would recommend going on a weekday as it is quieter. If you head out early morning around 5 or 6am  you will have plenty of time swimming with these magnificent creatures and be back on the island in time for a well deserved lunch.


7. Discover Incredible Dive Sites

10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
Diving off Apo Island


Enjoy a diving day trip to Apo Island or just off the house reef at Mike’s Place in Dauin. Apo Island is a treasure trove of marine life including turtles, sea snakes, tropical fish, sea horses, sting rays, octopus and much more. You can book a full day on a dive boat, which includes two dives. Take plenty of snacks if, like me, you find yourself famished after diving. If you don’t want to be out for the whole day book a single dive at Mike’s Place. My dive instructor, Gabriel, had eyes like a hawk – spotting every tiny little wonder I would have easily missed. I saw my first sea horses here as well as spotted stingrays, manta shrimps, jaw fish, cuttle fish and squat lobsters.


8. Hit the Beach

10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
Blue skies in Dumaguete


The beaches in Dumaguete are generally dark sand unlike some of the pristine beaches of neighbouring Siquihor. However there is something very charming about these local beaches which are generally unpopulated by tourists. Take a stroll on the shoreline with the kids as the tide comes. You will see local children playing in the tidal pools, fishing boats bringing back their daily catch and coastal life taking its time on this sleepy island.


9. Order an Amorita Sour 

Family Hotel Review: Sta Monica Beach Club , Dumaguete
The Sta Monica Beach Club


Watch the sunset from the poolside bar at the Sta Monica Beach Club while sipping the hotel’s delicious signature cocktail, the Amorita Sour. If you decide to stay for dinner then  make sure you enjoy the amazing seafood buffet that comes complete with tiger prawns, local fish and calamari. Enjoy the conversation of friends and family while the children entertain themselves with a game of volleyball on the lawn or basketball by the bar. You can even take a swim in the pool so you can dip and dine!


10. Visit the Historic Bacong Church

10 Things to do in Dumaguete with Kids
The Historic Bacong Church


With its beautiful Saint frescos, towering ceiling and antique Spanish pipe organ, the Bacong Church is well worth a visit. Built in 1866 it retains many original features. Mass is well attended and conducted in English (foreigners are very welcome to join in). Bacong is the smallest municipality of Negros Oriental whose people were noted for their bravery from the time of the marauding days of Moro pirates. Locals would repel them with their unforgettable cry: “Bacon! Bacon!”, which translates to “Stand up, stand up and fight!,” hence the name Bacong.


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    1. Great suggestion! Obviously there are more than 10 things to do with kids in Dumaguete, we just listed some suggestions. Fishing would be another fun thing to do with kids.

    1. Hello Buena, Thanks for your message. We took a car up to the welcome centre at the Lake. Then its a short walk down to the lake before you get on a boat. At the other side its of short walk to the waterfall (I took my 2 year old). However, its a little rocky, so be sure to wear suitable footwear, and perhaps take a hiking pole if you are unsure. I hope this helps.


  1. Hello! We have booked Atmosphere and the Funny Lion for our trip in April thanks to your brilliant suggestions. Just wondered whether you would suggest to do trips with the properties directly or to arrange independently to save costs? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Esme, my advise would be to organise the trips through the properties as they will make sure everything runs smoothly for you. You may pay a little extra this way (maybe not as at least they have a fixed price) but it saves any ‘ lost in translation issues’ if you decide to organise independenty. Having said that in Coron there are a lot of boats at the dock so if you ask the resort to order you a tricycle down there then you can negotiate locally. I hope this helps

  2. Hi! Thanks for your blog! I was wondering if my almost 3yo toddler can snorkel in the areas your mentioned. What gears did your let your children wear? Can you recommend something?

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