Our family holiday in Tepotzlan.

Our family holiday in Tepotzlan with our newest arrival



A family holiday is probably the last thing on Wills and Kate’s mind right now but all that Royal travel is going to start up again in no time. Like Kate, I recently welcomed our latest member of the family into the world and despite having two children already, had completely forgotten how someone so small needs SO much stuff. Still, we decided to head out of town for a few days over Easter to the small pueblo magico (magical town) of Tepotzlan, 80 km from Mexico City and in packing the bags, I was reminded of the 5 essential items that definitely make travelling with a newborn that much easier, even if they don’t have a Royal title.


1. Phil & Ted’s Travel Cot

phil & ted

Phil & Ted’s Travel Cot


There are hundreds of travel cots out there ranging from the not-so-portable to the brilliantly compact. The Phil & Ted’s Travel Cot is my travel cot of choice. We originally bought one for my eldest and used it religiously every time we travelled. It lived long enough for my daughter to use it until we finally had to put it to rest. We’ve just bought a new one, with an improved design, for number 3 and it’s every bit as brilliant as the original one.


2. Stokke Flexi Bath & Mothercare Foam Bath Support

Stokke Flexi Bath & Mothercare Foam Bath Support

Stokke Flexi Bath & Mothercare Foam Bath Support


The Stokke Flexi Bath is not really a travel essential but if you have room in your case then it definitely makes bathing a little one easy. My mother bought me one and combined with the Mothercare Foam Bath Support, baby bath times have never been happier! I used the foam bath support independently with number two and it’s an excellent travelling companion – lightweight, easy to pack and ready to use in a bath, a sink, a shower, anywhere really!


3. Baby Bjorn

baby bjorn

Baby Bjorn


Like travel cots there are dozens of baby carriers to choose from. I used a Baby Bjorn with my two oldest and am back using it again with number three. As far as design, usability and durability, I don’t think they can be beat!


4. Quick Clean Microwave Bag


Medela Micro-Steam Bags


Assuming that wherever you are travelling to has a microwave, then I’ve found these Medela bags to be the easiest way to sterilise bottles on the go. Simply add 60 ml (2 oz) of water, pop in your bottle or breast pump equipment and stick it in the microwave. If you don’t have access to a microwave then sterilising tablets are great.


5. Travel Baby Changing Mat

Munchkin changing mat

Munchkin changing mat


Travel change mats are invaluable whether you’re just heading to the shops or embarking on a long-haul flight. Previously I’ve used a Skip Hop change mat and we now have a Munchkin one, for no other reason than that someone gave it to us. Regardless of which design and brand you choose they are a baby travel lifesaver!


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