How To Create a Pintastic Bucket List

Are you on Pinterest? I have to say that it’s taken me a while to get to grips with this visual bookmarking tool. I had occasionally browsed it for inspiration for a home renovation project that’s currently underway, but I never really understood it and I definitely never used it for travel research.

That is until recently when I was looking for ideas for a family trip to Peru. It was only then that I fully understood how useful this digital pinboard is in the world of travel. I found lots of inspiring stories and tips on what to do and where to stay in Peru with children as well as countless beautiful photos. I also discovered that I could follow specific ‘boards’ for updates. It was so much more than an online mood board which is how I had been using it previously.

Since our trip to Peru I’ve started using Pinterest to create my own Bucket List. In truth, I’ve always thought this term a rather morbid one, a list created with death in mind or as a means for people to show off how many cool places they’ve travelled to. What I hadn’t appreciated before was how creating bucket lists can, according to numerous scientific studies, lead to a more fulfilling life!

Nobel prize winner Psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s peak-end theory states that we remember the peaks of life and that this is what makes life meaningful. By creating a bucket list, we are striving to create more peaks, which in turn lead to a more fulfilling life as we remember it. Positive Psychology founder Martin Seligman says that one of the main principles of happiness is accomplishing and fulfilling goals that we have set ourselves, such as those on a bucket list.

In any event, whether you are striving for a more meaningful life or simply a better way to research your next family holiday, I highly recommend giving Pinterest a shot.

Follow’s board Wish List on Pinterest.


Above: The globetotting Bucket List

Given this recent revelation we are also making more pinteresting for you, Dear User, by adding vertical pin-ready images to our hotel reviews and blog posts (such as the one at the end of this post). By hovering over the image, or tapping on it if you’re on a mobile device, you can ‘Pin it’ directly to your Bucket List / Wish List / Travel Inspiration (whatever you decide to name your board!) and the link back to this page will automatically be saved with it. You can pin horizontal photos too but there is a common consensus among the pinning pros that the vertical ones look a lot better on Pinterest.

If you are a first time Pinterest user, see our Quick Setup Guide below. If you already have a Pinterest account you can visit and follow our Pinterest page below.


Quick Setup Guide to Pinterest for Beginners

1) Sign up!

Sign up for either a personal or business pinterest account. You can also download the Pinterest App here. Once you’re logged in you’ll see your home feed which displays pins from all the people you follow. All our pins have a circular stamp with the globetotting elephant, making them easy to identify.


A Pin is an image shared on Pinterest. Often referred to as visual bookmarks each pin you see on Pinterest links back to the website source.
A Pin is an image shared on Pinterest. Each pin links back to the website source.


2) Learn to talk Pinterest
A Pin: A Pin is an image shared on Pinterest. Often referred to as visual bookmarks each pin you see on Pinterest links back to the website source.

A Board: This is a digital pinboard on which you place your pins. You can create boards for anything, e.g. Bucket Lists, Recipes, Home Improvement, Fashion and Gadgets.

Follower: A person who follows you.

Following: A person who you are following.

Like: Similar to the Facebook and Instagram like, this tells a user that you like their pin

Repin: Similar to a Facebook Share or Twitter Retweet, this adds a pin to one of your boards, and in doing so shares it with your followers.


How to add pins to your Bucket List board

1) Pin within Pinterest. Click on a pin to open it and click ‘Pin it’ in top left corner

2) Pin from a website. Some websites such as ours will have a button that enables you to pin any photo on their site directly to one of your boards. Simply hover over any photo (if pinning from a computer) or tap the photo (if pinning from a mobile device) and a ‘Pin It’ button will appear. Alternatively you can add a Pin-it Button to your web browser’s toolbar which allows you to pin any photo on that page. Click on the button and chose the board that you want to pin it to. The image will save to your board with a link back to the source.

Pin it buttons


Where to find great family travel inspiration for my Bucket List

Shall we start with! You can choose to follow all our boards or just a select few that interest you. As we plan on adding many more boards, you may want to start with following all the boards and then unfollowing boards that are not of interest.


Follow boards
Visit for family travel inspiration


Remember that you can also pin content directly from our website too. Look out for the vertical pin-ready images with the globetotting stamp in our hotel reviews (under the tab ‘Add to Wish List’) and in all our latest blog posts.


pin from website
Find the vertical pin-ready images in our hotel reviews (left) and on our other blog posts (right). Hover or tap the image to access the ‘Pin it’ button and save to your board


We also pin inspirational stories and destinations guides from other blogs and websites too. Some of our favourite accounts to follow include Skimbaco Lifestyle, La Jolla Mom and Globalmouse.  We share their best pins on our communal Family Travel boards such as the ones below.


Follow’s board Family Travel Europe on Pinterest.

Follow’s board Family Travel USA on Pinterest.


If you want to refer back to this post later, remember you can save it to one of your boards using the pin below. Happy pinning!

And please share your Bucket List with us in the comments below! 


A pintastic bucket list WEB


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  1. Ha! I don’t have a bucket list 🙂 I have a “Places to visit” board. Thank you for the tips on how to use Pinterest! It’s very useful. I’m still a bit hesitant to dive in deep into the pin pool, but I’ve heard from others that it can get highly addictive.

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