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Katja Gaskell

Katja has written across a range of titles for Lonely Planet and has tried and tested luxury hotels for the British boutique hotel guide Mr & Mrs Smith. She has also written for numerous travel websites, magazines and newspapers. Katja, with her two children and husband, has lived in Australia, India and Mexico and travelled to Sri Lanka, Nepal, New Zealand, Fiji, the U.S. and much of Europe.

Katja’s best family holiday: Sri Lanka. We spent a week travelling along the coast from Colombo to Galle and completely fell in love with the country.

Victoria Westmacott

Victoria’s first taste of adventure was on a marine conservation project in Belize after which she was firmly bitten by the travel bug. Her next big trip was a 5,000-mile ride following the Silk Road on horse and camel through Central Asia and China. Working in UK television production kept her travelling, albeit closer to home. Victoria, with her husband and two children, has since worked and/or lived in UK, Spain, New York, Vietnam, India and Panama and has travelled to Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa and throughout Europe. Victoria is a contributor on Lonely Planet’s guide to Panama City.

Victoria’s best family holiday: Peru and discovering that the journey to Machu Picchu was as every bit as enchanting as the site itself.

Guest Writers

We love sharing real life family travel tales such as those written by these travelling families.


Philippa Langrish
Philippa Langrish

After completing a degree in English Literature Philippa capered from London to Trinidad, back to Berkshire, across to Switzerland, a short jump to France and finally ended up in Manila. Artist and freelance writer she spends her time exploring the Philippines with both paint brush, and notepad. Together with her husband and daughter they have enjoyed extensive travel throughout France, Italy and Asia. Philippa writes the blog Globe Totting in the Philippines.

Philippa’s best family holiday: Cinque Terre (Italy), so good we went twice! Great wine, yummy food, beaches, hiking, cobbled Italian streets and delicious ice cream.

Sarah Mangelsdorf family
Sarah Mangelsdorf

Sarah has spent the last 12 years working in the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in writing, teaching and development roles, for international and local organisations. Sarah, with her husband and three children, has travelled extensively throughout USA and Canada, India and South East Asia.

Sarah’s best family holiday: Gulmarg, Kashmir. It feels so wonderfully remote, yet is so accessible and easy with children. We stayed at the Highlands Park Hotel surrounded by beautiful scenery and fabulous snow.

Elizabeth Owen
Elizabeth Owen

Elizabeth Owen, a freelance consultant in public health, has lived in Delhi for 2.5 yrs with her husband and two children. Highlights of their travels in India include relaxing on the beach in Kerala, walking in the foothills of  the Himalayas in Darjeeling, cheering at the Wagah border at Amritsar and dancing next to Mick Jagger at the RIFF festival in Jodhpur. Prior to India, Elizabeth lived and worked in Mosco and the US and has travelled in eastern Europe, the Caucuses and Iran.

Elizabeth’s best family holiday: Escaping the summer heat in Delhi for Wengen in Switzerland.

Sonya Dixon
Sonya Dixon

Sonya was born in Belgium and since then has studied, worked and lived in the UK, Europe, USA and most recently in India.  She caught the travel bug and curiosity for different cultures from her family and hasn’t stopped since with her own family.  Now living in Delhi Sonya currently heads up a cultural communications agency and is also involved with ArtReach, an art outreach programme that links artists with children’s organisations in Delhi.

Sonya’s best family holiday:  Most recently a Sri Lankan New Year where we got the boys surfing for the first time along the southern coast and enjoyed exploring ancient Gaulle Fort.  It was such a perfect family holiday that we have tempted more of our family to join us this year!

Genevieve Connors
Genevieve Connors

Originally from New York City, Genevieve is a bureaucrat at The World Bank. She has been on the road since she was two weeks old and has travelled extensively in the US, Europe, Sub Saharan Africa, and just about everywhere in Asia. She has slummed it as a backpacker, juggled travel with a toddler, and enjoyed luxury as a well-heeled gypsy and business traveler. She currently lives in Delhi with her husband and son and is trying to clean the Ganges River.

Genevieve’s best family holiday: A beach girl at heart, she loves the combination of scenic beaches, family friendly shacks, the historical city of Old Goa, and fun night life – with babysitters to be had!

Tara Cannon

Tara Cannon is a globetrotting mother of two who has made it her goal to help other parents survive (and even enjoy) kids. You can read her travel tips and make use of her many family travel resources (including packing lists and even a baby gear rental directory) on her blog and website Pint Size Pilot.

Tara’s best family holiday: Saint Barthélemy – and she dreams of going back every day

Lucy Panes


Lucy Panes is a freelance illustrator living, working, and pottering around London Town. Her work is primarily inspired by her delight in the detail and love of story telling. When left to her own devices, Lucy’s drawings emerge from a veritable bit box of sources, among them old photographs, folk arts, exotic climes, and her own meandering musings.


Anu Anand Hall

Anu Anand Hall is a reporter based in New Delhi, India. She was born in Kashmir, but grew up in a motel in Tennessee. Her career in journalism started at United Press International in Delhi, where she earned one rupee per word. She broke both American and Indian taboos when she married an Englishman, who arrived at their wedding on an elephant. Anu now lives in India with her husband, Tarquin Hall, who is the successful author of the Vish Puri mysteries; and her two children. Anu writes the blog Sacred Cows.

Anu’s best family holiday: Our best family holiday was at  Saur Cottages, Uttarakhand, India for the pine forests, fresh air and quiet.

Jameela Deen

Serial expat, born in France, spent 10 years in the UK before moving to Libya. Currently working on getting a job in another country to prepare a future move to Tunisia one day. Mum to 2 young boys, ESL teacher and Blogger, lover of all things foreign. Jameela writes the blog, Diary of a Serial Expat.

Jameela’s Best Family Holiday:  Tunisia. Not only this is where my children can enjoy holidays with uncles, aunties and cousins galore, it is also great for family activities of all kind.

Meril Rasmussen
Meril Rasmussen

Meril Rasmussen has taken his children to Timbuktu (and back) to hear desert music, tiger-spotting in the Sunderbans in eastern India, and to the top of the world in Ladakh. Besides offering spectacular snapshots, Meril maintains that these family experiences were amplified by his children’s natural qualities, the wonder at a new-born lamb in Kashmir, the fascination with a punk rock practice session in Katmandu, and the transgressive complicity in the discovery that Buddhist nuns in a mountaintop temple were stashing candy inside their otherwise austere prayer desks.

Meril is a filmmaker and an educationist. He and his family have been based variously in South Africa, India, Canada, and Brazil, and have traveled haphazardly throughout those surrounding regions.

Meril’s Best Family Holiday: Gilli Meno, Indonesia. Family snorkling with green turtles and afterwards the pineapple milkshakes

Nicola Burke

Originally from London, Nicola has spent the last 9 years living in Asia, initially Tokyo and currently Hong Kong. She caught the travel bug from her globetotting parents and is doing her best to pass it on to her own two young daughters. After a career in consulting and executive search, she now authors a kids travel site Jetlag & Mayhem.

Nicola’s best family holiday: Family road trippin’ in the US! Every year we pick state at random and go for it. 2012’s Texas adventure was epic!

David Bonnardeaux
David Bonnardeaux

David has bounced from country to country since the ripe age of 1.5yrs; from England, Belgium and Spain to the US, Ecuador and Venezuela. Luckily his lovely wife Jillian took on a Foreign Service position so he can keep on living this nomadic lifestyle; they have since lived in Ghana, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. David is now a professional “trailing spouse,” a doting husband to his wife, a loving father to his two children (Liati, 5yrs and Lucia 3yrs) and a lover of all things wild. He consults on sustainable livelihoods and conservation wherever and whenever possible.

David’s best family holiday: Bukit Lawang, Northern Sumatra to see orangutans in the wild without the fanfare and crowds of Borneo or other well known orangutan areas.

Shannon Entin
Shannon Entin

Shannon Entin is a family travel writer and mom of two from New Jersey with a passion for road trips and learning through travel. She shares her adventures at 100 Routes Across America.

Shannon’s best family Holiday was in Lake Tahoe, California, where she and her family lived the ski-bum lifestyle for two months.

Tasmin Waby

Tasmin was born in the UK to Kiwi parents and grew up in Australia. When she’s not fact-checking and fixing up punctuation, she loves hiking and bike riding in the countryside and rummaging in rural charity stores.

Tasmin’s best family holiday was in the paradise of far north Queensland, Australia: snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Daintree forest and eating fresh Australian cuisine on the beach front at Palm Cove, north of Cairns.

Amelia Lynch

Amelia Lynch has been meaning to leave Iowa for 20 years, and as of July 2015 she’s making her escape. She and her family are moving to Cozumel, Mexico to try living overseas for a year. The Everyday Journey is documentation of their preparation and their travels; come along for the ride!

Amelia’s best family holiday was in Cozumel, Mexico, volunteering in the community and learning to scuba dive.

Diana Furth

Brought up in Geneva, Switzerland, by parents for whom worldwide travel was an integral part of life, Diana continues to follow in the same path travelling extensively with her son between Europe and Asia. After graduating from a Swiss Hotel and Tourism Management school she lost no time in moving to Dubai to work in PR and Marketing and then India, finally settling in New Delhi. She now works with local artists manufacturing home accessories for her company Taj Style.

Diana’s best family holiday: Dutch Beaches. Its not the best food and certainly not the best weather but it is a child’s paradise with clean beaches, tidal pools and plenty of fun child-friendly places to visit on rainy days!

Antonia Milkop

British-born Antonia now calls Wellington, New Zealand home, along with her husband and their two children (aged 3 and 18 months). Antonia originally moved to New Zealand 10 years ago “for a bit of fresh air” and to fulfil her dream of doing an interesting job in a place where she could enjoy the great outdoors. She now works as a Senior Analyst for the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, with a particular focus on tourism data.

Antonia’s best family holiday: We loved our campervan trip in South Island, NZ.  The simplicity, quality family time spent together, and sense of adventure and anticipation each day was fantastic. Other top holidays include playing in the snow on the volcanic Mt Ruapehu and camping in Russell in the Bay of Islands.

Domonique Matthews
Domonique Matthews

Domonique Matthews is a wife, mother of 3 and a traveller at heart. She is also the founder of The Simple Proof, a stylish lifestyle blog with inspiration covering every aspect of family life as it comes together through her family’s adventures at home in Northern California and around the world. Dominique and her family enjoy the outdoors, travelling and seeking out the beauty in everyday moments.

Sarah Wikenczy
Sarah Wikenczy

Sarah works for international organisations focusing on women’s rights in conflict-affected countries. Over the past 25 years she has lived in the US, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and India with stints in Guam, Guantanamo and Egypt. Sarah, with her husband and son, currently reside in Jerusalem. In between work days, Sarah is always happily planning the next family adventure and now seems to have an enthusiastic assistant in her son who has a knack for finding the best car rental deals.

Sarah’s best family holiday: The jury is still out on this one. They are all the best for one reason or another.

Rebecca Harland

Rebecca Harland is a lawyer from the US. Now based in DC, Rebecca and her family have spent the past ten years living in India, Malaysia, Switzerland and Bosnia.

Rebecca’s best family holiday was touring Cochin and the backwaters in Kerala, India.

Mums The World
Jenny & Laura

Jenny & Laura both began their careers as cabin crew where they were privileged to see so much of the world. After leaving to have their babies, that buried travel bug never really took a hike and on a recent adventure to Nepal together they decided to make their ‘Mums the World’ idea a reality. Whilst offering useful travel tips and down to earth, honest reviews, they will also assist you with ‘nice to knows’ and ‘need to knows’ for different destinations, plus a whole lot more.

Nana Luckham

Born in Tanzania to a Ghanaian mother and a British father, Nana has lived all over the world, including Australia, France, the US and Zimbabwe. Now based in London she works as an editor and travel writer and has co-authored numerous guidebooks for Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. In a previous life she worked as a press officer for the United Nations in both New York and Geneva.

Nana’s best family holiday was relaxing on the beach, eating amazing food and celebrating our eldest son’s first birthday in Tulum, Mexico.

Liisa Vexler
Liisa Vexler

Liisa is the voice behind the Family Freedom Project book and website. She is a Canadian writer who began her career specializing in the health sector, but now writes about her passions, travel and lifestyle with kids. She currently lives at the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with her husband and two boys ages 7 and 9.

Liisa’s best family holiday was a 3-week European adventure when the boys were 5 and 7 years old. Barcelona and its neighbouring coastline, southwestern France, and stop in London were the perfect mix for all of us with stops dedicated to history, design, urban fun, rural landscapes, and the beach.

Karilyn Owen
Karilyn Owen

Karilyn is a wife, mother and the founder of No Back Home, a family travel blog. After almost a decade in India, Karilyn now lives in Los Angeles where she writes about their family adventures in Southern California and around the world. Karilyn and her family enjoy the outdoors, traveling and seeking out the beauty wherever they find themselves.

Karilyn’s best family holiday was in Yosemite! Riding an elephant in India, swimming with manatees in Mexico and hiking through volcanos in Hawaii have been amazing, but the classic American holiday in Yosemite continues to be our family’s favorite. The amazing beauty, wild animals at your doorstep and the fun of staying in Camp Curry are incomparable!

Laura Weenink

Laura Weenink is a Dutch copywriter who loves family travel. She is about to launch her own travel blog, Reisachtig, through which she aims to make travelling with children as smooth and enjoyable as possible. By sharing realistic itineraries, routes, tips and tricks, plus great travel stories, she wants to inspire other parents to travel the world with their children. Take a look at their entire Sri Lanka itinerary on favoroute.com.

Laura’s best family holidays have been in New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Baskenland and Bretagne.

Amy Obrien

Every since her first road trip to California at the age of 18, Amy has loved hopping in a car, a plane or bus to check out something new. She has passed on her wanderlust gene to her two kids. Amy is currently on an 8-month hiatus from her photography job to tour the world with her family.

Amy’s best family holidays was her first trip to Hawaii was when she was 16; she’s been back eight times since then and her 2010 took her kids to experience of one of her favourite places.

Sarah Panes
Sarah Panes

Sarah Panes and her husband, Christopher, have three children two of whom live and work abroad; their eldest daughter and family in Bangladesh and their son and his family in Mexico. As a family they travelled but never with three generations and never with people who are resident in the country. They find this adds a special and extra dimension as they explore their family’s new country with them.

Sarah’s best family holidays were skiing holidays when her children were young but she now gains so much from their trailing grandparent experiences.

Esme Taylor

Esme currently lives and works in the Hampshire countryside, UK, where she writes regularly for Mr Fox magazine and other travel and parenting publications. Most weekends are spent exploring London, where there is arguably more to see per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. Having spent the last 5 years negotiating the Town Mouse/Country Mouse conundrum with the children – Arlo (5) and Yasmine (4) have finally worked out that sometimes it’s better to cross the road without waiting for the ‘walk’ light.

Esme’s best family holiday: Favourite trips en famille have been the cityscapes of Istanbul and Singapore. The children love all the different shaped buildings and chatting to strangers on trains.

Charlotte Lattimer

Born on the east coast of Scotland, Charlotte now lives in Rome, Italy with her husband and two children, aged 9 and 11. Previously they’ve lived in Switzerland, France and India. Charlotte has worked with humanitarian and international development organisations for the last 15 years. She now works from home in Rome but continues to travel extensively.

Charlotte’s best family holiday: Our family is definitely happiest in the mountains. We visit the French Alps regularly, usually off-season, for hiking, mountain biking and gorging ourselves on French bread and butter.  

Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson is a former journalist and communications professional in higher education in the United States. He left his job in August 2016 to move to Hungary with his wife and three young boys. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, the Anderson family are immensely enjoying their new life in Budapest. Matthew and Brittany have adopted two children, fostered several more and hope to, someday, adopt again. Matthew is blogging about their family adventures at hewanderson.com

Matthew’s best family holidays In addition to the current Hungarian adventure, the best family holidays were the road trips he took with the family from Bellingham to San Francisco and Denver.

Jo Addison

Jo Addison lives in God’s Own Country (Yorkshire!) in the UK. She loves getting out and about with her two boys aged 5 and 2 and discovering exciting places to visit with young children. She is the founder of KiddieHolidays.co.uk, a website designed to inspire and advise parents about holidays and days out for babies and toddlers.

Jo’s best family holiday was in Germany. We had a few comments around “Why are you going to Germany on your holiday?” before we went but we loved it! There is so much to do for families with young children and the cakes are to die for too!


Laura Koebel

Having grown up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Laura has an insatiable draw for unique cultural experiences, outdoor adventure and finding the world’s most beautiful places. Spending most of the last eight years outside of Canada living in North Africa, the eastern seaboard of the USA, and the Philippines has given her a diverse cultural base. This period has also given her two wonderful children with which she continues her explorations along with her husband. Traveling is not only a hobby but a way of life.

Laura’s best family holiday: Borneo, Malaysia. We loved the landscape, wildlife, food and people so much we have been twice and plan to return again soon.

We always welcome contributions from families that love to travel. Get in touch and share your travel tales with us!

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