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If your summer holiday plans are still up in the air then don’t worry! We’ve teamed up with one of our partner agents, Stubborn Mule, to bring you six unforgettable family summer holidays AND a special offer! We’ve been working with Liddy, the founder of Stubborn Mule, for a couple of years now and they have organised lots of incredible holidays for globetotting families. Liddy is a mum herself and knows how to create a family holiday itinerary that will make both kids and parents happy. What’s more, every holiday offered by Stubborn Mule has been tried and tested by a member of the team – and their kids!


Special Offer!

Choose one of these six unforgettable family summer holidays and receive £500 off any trip worth over £5,000 for a family of four. Simply mention globetotting when you make an enquiry here. Offer eligible on any booking made before 1st July 2017 for travel to be completed by 31st December 2017.


Costa Rica

Family Summer Holidays with Stubborn Mule

Family Holidays in Costa Rica


Without doubt, THE family holiday destination of the moment and with good reason. As one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet, Costa Rica packs a big punch with all members of the family. Go ziplining! Take a ‘skywalk’ through the cloud forest canopy. Learn about how indigenous plants are used in local medicine. Relax on pristine beaches. Be wowed by volcanoes. Watch out for turtles. We could go on…

Don’t be put off by the fact that June, July and August are officially ‘wet season’ months; you’ll actually find that this means clouds burn off in the morning, gather over the afternoon before actually raining proper (and we admit, it can be torrential) in the late afternoon to early evening; a time when most families need a bit of down time after a busy morning doing a whole host of activities. Best month to travel during summer? August, a.k.a. ‘mini-dry season.

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Family Summer Holidays with Stubborn Mule

Family Holidays in Vietnam


Bustling, colourful markets, ancient streets, hidden villages, stunning lake and limestone scenery and some of the most delicious food on the planet, family trips to Vietnam are soaring, not least because there are now direct flights from the UK and more. And, because Vietnam benefits from three different micro-climates, it’s a great year-round family destination.

For the months of July and August, though, it’s when the Central Highlands are at their very best; hot and dry for the most part but you can expect a light shower late afternoon. Stubborn Mule offer guests a stay in an Eco Retreat, where, unlike other, over-touristy areas like Sapa, you’ll have the paddy fields, mountains and some of the most bucolic scenery in Vietnam to yourselves. You’ll get to visit a local family, to find out more about their traditional way of life and canoe gently down a river. Other highlights of the trip include taking a bike ride around Hanoi and its Old Quarter and taking a boat trip amongst the karst limestone scenery of Halong Bay.

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Sri Lanka

Family Summer Holidays with Stubborn Mule

Family Holidays in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is not just one of the most family friendly destinations in Asia, but one of its easiest, too. English is widely spoken whilst the island’s compact nature means you get a taste of the subcontinent without the distances (long drives) of it’s much larger neighbour, India. During the summer months, the East coast beaches are at their best and the temperatures are perfect for going on safari and leopard spotting in Wilpattu National Park. It’s also the perfect time for exploring the ancient sites like Kandy’s ‘Temple of the Tooth’, the medieval capital of Polonnaruwa and the rock fortress of Sigiriya. There’s a lot of time for R&R, too, with a stay on a tea plantation and two full days to relax on the beaches at Trincomalee – also one of the best places in the world to spot whales.

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Uncover the Mysteries of China

Family Summer Holidays with Stubborn Mule

Family Holidays in China


It’s as vast as it is captivating, which is why most families travelling to China tend to do it as their summer holiday option (a week at Christmas just won’t do it justice, according to Stubborn Mule). But do it you must, says Liddy, as it is so completely different to anywhere else on earth. Rich in culture and history, there’s a wealth of destinations which, unlike The Great Wall or the Terracotta Warriors you may not have heard of but make for ideal family holidays.

Places like Tiger Leaping Gorge, a deep chasm carved into the limestone scenery along the Yangtze River; the terraced hillsides of the ‘Dragon’s Backbone’; and the Giant Buddha’s at Leshan. Wildlife lovers will adore the Panda research centre in Chengdu and kids will gain major playground kudos learning kung fu at the Shaolin Temple. Other options include remote hilltribe treks to tiny villages, unchanged by time, or the deserted sand cities in the Taklamakan desert, a complete contrast to the thriving, neon lights of Shanghai or Hong Kong.

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Experience the Magic of Peru

Summer Holidays with Stubborn Mule

Family Holidays in Peru


It may be a cliché to say that a destination has it all but in the case of Peru, it’s well-deserved: there’s much more to Peru than its most famous historic site, Machu Picchu. This two-week trip includes all the highlights but is operated at a family-friendly pace. You’ll you’ll explore the capital, Lima (and dance in the water fountains), stay in the Amazon rainforest, taking boat rides along one of the world’s longest rivers, get active in the Sacred Valley (everything from biking, hiking to white water rafting and go ziplining on 7 different wires. You will also visit Machu Picchu, the ruins of Sacsayhuaman and explore the beautiful streets of Cusco. All in all a perfect blend of culture and activity, relaxation and inspiration.

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See the Big 5 in South Africa

Family Summer Holidays with Stubborn Mule

Family Holidays in South Africa


With the currency at its lowest level for years, South Africa isn’t just one of the most exciting summer holiday destinations, but one of the best value ones. Fabulous beaches, thrilling safari choices (not just whale watching) world-class wine and food, and a rich cultural history all help make South Africa and its outdoors lifestyle a brilliant summer family holiday option. The fact that many areas of the country are malaria free is also a big draw.

Given that Stubborn Mule are tailor-made operators, what you choose to do is up to you but here’s some ideas to wet your wanderlust. Climb Table Top mountain for the best views over Cape Town; watch the penguins run freely over Robben Island, Nelson Mandela’s former place of captivity, go whale watching at Hermanus, listen to exciting tales of Zulu battles at Rorke’s Drift, spot the Big 5 in Kruger National Park and, perhaps most appealing of all, sip wine in the South African sun. Bliss.

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