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Granada restaurants


Nicaraguan cuisine might not have the same kudos as some other Latin American food but we found a number of decent, kid-friendly restaurants during our stay in The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. If you’re looking for good places to eat in Granada, then take a look at what we think are the best restaurants for families.


Where to Eat in Granada

Granada restaurants collage



Garden Café 

Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

We loved the Garden Cafe for its farm-fresh food and this cool seating area


Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

All food is freshly prepared.


Owned by an American / Nicaraguan couple, this breezy restaurant was one of our favourites in Granada. Located in one of the city’s typically bright houses (it’s painted a jolly red), the Garden Cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating. We particularly liked sitting in the inner courtyard which skirts a patch of thick, tropical foliage. Hammocks swing between columns and the kids enjoyed reading their books here while we waited for our food.

The Garden Cafe is very popular and service can be a little slow when it is full, but the food is farm fresh and worth the wait. We enjoyed Mexican soup, bruschetta, hummus, pasta, sandwiches and a salad and it was all excellent.

  • Address: Corner of Calle Libertad and Calle Cervantes, Granada
  • Phone: (505) 2552 8582
  • Hours: 7am – 9pm daily
  • Website:
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Restaurante el Garaje

The best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

El Garaje


The best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua



From the outside this Canadian-owned restaurant looks, as the names suggests, like an ordinary garage. Rather than a place to park your car, however, this is one of Granada’s most highly-ranked restaurants on Tripadvisor. Customers have to ring the doorbell before they are allowed into the colourful, bistro-style eatery. Menus are written on chalkboards in bright colours and include dishes such as quesadillas, salads, burritos and sandwiches. The ingredients are all fresh and food is cooked to order. My kids loved the fresh juices.

  • Address: 512 Calle Corral, Granada
  • Phone:  (505) 8651-7412
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Restaurante El Zaguan

Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

The place to come for a really juicy steak!


best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

Kid-favourites fish fingers


Located behind the cathedral this is the place to come for a really juicy steak. It also serves tasty fish fingers, which my kids hoovered up. It’s a bit pricier than other restaurants in Granada but not at all expensive if you compare it to places back home. The service is also sharp and friendly. It’s worth reserving a table during the high season.

  • Address: Av. la Sierra, behind the Cathedral, Granada
  • Phone: (505) 2552 2522
  • Hours: 12pm – 11pm
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Villas Mombacho

Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

Set on the shores of Lake Nicaragua


Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

Lots of tasty food


Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

A playground keeps younger kids amused


Villas Mombacho is located on the outskirts of Granada and just a few minutes drive from the city centre. This breezy spot is set on the shores of Lake Nicaragua and overlooks Granada’s famous Islets – little islands that were formed thousands of years ago when Volcano Mombacho exploded.

There’s a tank of turtles and a small playground that kept our hungry kids distracted while they waited for their food. We enjoyed chicken (again!) and fried platanos. A separate pizza menu is also available.

  • Address: De la Marina Cocibolca 100 metros al Sur, Nicaragua. The easiest way to get here is by car/taxi.
  • Phone: (505) 2552 8552
  • Hours: 9am – 8pm
  • Website: See their Facebook page.
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Best Restaurants around Granada

We took a handful of day trips when we were in Granada where we discovered these restaurants.


Restaurante Mirador La Vista del Angel  

Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

Can you see the volcano?!


Best restaurants in Granada, Nicaragua

The food is fine, but the views are fantastic


The main reason for visiting the Mirador La Vista del Angel is for the view. The food is fine (although nothing to write home about) but the views of the Masaya National Park and its often-smouldering volcano at night, are excellent. Our taxi driver told us about this restaurant after we were told that we couldn’t peer into the crater of Masaya as the volcano was too active. Plan to arrive at El Mirador once the sun has set so that you can see the glow of Masaya’s red lava in the distance. Don’t forget bug repellent as the mosquitos come out at dusk.

  • Address: De la Marina Cocibolca 100 metros al Sur, Nicaragua. The easiest way to get here is by car/taxi.
  • Phone: (505) 2552 8552
  • Hours: 9am – 8pm



Mi Viejo Ranchito  

Although we never had a chance to eat here our excellent taxi driver recommended Mi Viejo Ranchito in Catarina. I’m including it here as his tips were always good!

Designed in typical local style with a thatched palm roof and breezy outdoor seating, the food is also authentically Nicaraguan. We later discovered a second branch on the road between Popoyo and Catarina.

  • Address: Catarina.
  • Phone: (505) 2558 0473
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm. Saturday & Sunday, 7pm – 10pm
  • Website:
  • See what other families have to say TripAdvisor




Other Suggestions

We ran out of time to try the following restaurants but they have all come recommended or are rated highly for families on TripAdvisor:

Café de Los Suenos: great for crepes and smoothies: Website I TripAdvisor

Pita Pita: Pita bread, humous, falafel and more: Website I TripAdvisor

Bocadillos: Popular tapas place: Website I TripAdvisor

Kathy’s Waffle House:  Pancakes, waffles, French toast and American breakfasts: Website I TripAdvisor



What To Eat In Nicaragua



Rice, beans and corn are the staples of any given Nicaraguan dish, often served with juicy steaks, cooked over wood-burning grills, or seafood. Fresh fish is in plentiful supply thanks to Nicaragua’s position bordering both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


Nicaraguan dishes you should try:

  • Vigorón: This typical Granadino dish is served on a plantain leaf and it involves cooked cassava, pork rinds, cabbage salad with tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers and mimbros (a sour relative of the star fruit). All dressed with a plantain vinegar.
  • Nacatamal: This traditional breakfast dish looks similar to an oversized tamale. Nacatamals are filled with all manner of yummy fillings including pork meat, vegetables, rice and sometimes even capers and raisins before being wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked for five hours.
  • Quesillo: Originating from León are these fresh tortillas filled with quezillo (a type of cheese not dissimilar to mozarella), pickled onions and sour cream. Best served warm in a bag.
  • Guapote: The literal translation of this fish found in Lake Nicaragua is ‘big handsome’. The most popular way to cook it is in fried in a roasted corn flour batter and topped with a tomato and onion sauce.
  • Fritanga: Fritanga basically means anything fried and you’ll see fritanga stands throughout Granada, and Nicaragua, selling ‘fried things’ – everything from chicken or beef to Nicaraguan tacos.
  • Caballo Bayo: Literally meaning ‘horse, horse’, this popular dish is Nicaragua’s answer to Mexican fajitas. Choose from various grilled meats, add them to your tortilla and garnish with toppings.



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