How to use your holiday photos

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Wondering what to do with those hundreds of holiday photos? Then this post is for you! I am guilty of having 1,000s of photos taking up valuable space on my hard drive. I also have a large wooden trunk filled with pre-digital photos and then there are photos sitting on my phone, my GoPro, my camera…it’s safe to say that I have a lot of photos everywhere! I have started to try and do something with all these photos but I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make these snaps a physical reality. If this sounds familiar then here are seven fun ways to actually use your holiday photos (that make great gifts, too)!



1. Create Photobooks 

For the last eight or so years I’ve made an annual photo book of our travels and lives. It started while we were living in India and since then I’ve spent many a January evening uploading, organising and creating an album to document the previous year (although between you and me I need to go back and re-do 2017 as I completely forgot to add in our trip to Finland!). The whole family loves these and they’re a great way to remember exciting family adventures (and how quickly your kids have grown).


How to use your holiday photos

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2. Make a Calendar 

Another annual creation in our household is the Christmas calendar, made for family members and filled with photos of the kids. Now, this may seem a little indulgent but the Christmas calendar has become a great gift from the kids to their grandparents, and was an especially good present when we were living abroad (easy to send and a welcome snapshot of the grandkids!). I’ve also made my own desk calendar, which helps makes my work space that little bit brighter.


3. Frame a photo in an interesting way

If you’ve got a photo worthy of National Geographic (or even if you don’t!), then consider enlarging the pic and printing it on canvas. There are a number of companies offering this service including Hello Canvas that gives customers the option of printing their favourite photos on canvas, wood and even metal. There’s also the option to print fun posters using your photos.


How to use your holiday photos

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4. Go Retro

For a really fun way to transport yourself back to that amazing summer holiday or once-in-a-lifetime adventure then try out a cool RetroViewer. You can custom make reels using seven photos and even add text (including 3D captions) to the pics. And, if you can’t find your old original View Master then you can add a new one to your shopping basket, too.


5. Put a pin in it

This is a great idea for kids in particular; put a large cork map bulletin board on their wall and get them to pin their photos to it. It’s also handy for pinning other travel mementos such as tickets or postcards – a large, visual scrapbook!


How to use your holiday photos

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6. Customise your shoes

Wear your photos with pride by customising your shoes! My kids love the idea of putting their favourite photos on a pair of shoes and, with cook kicks company Vans, they can do just that. Vans offer a ‘Add Your Own Photo’ feature that allows you to upload any picture in the Classic Slip-On and the Authentic style sneaker for men, women and kids.


7. Shower time!

So you’ve probably heard of printing your photos on to mugs and pillows and jigsaws but how about a….shower curtain?! For something entirely different, why not print your best photo on a shower curtain and be reminded of your holidays every morning!


Other ideas? 

I’d love to hear your suggestions on how best to use your holiday photos, please share your best tips in the comments below!



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Disclosure: I have worked with Hello Canvas to create this post; all opinions are, as always, entirely my own.


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