Carry-On Bags for Fun Families

Is your family always the last to board the plane? Get to the gate on time with one of these fun cases on wheels.
Family Type: The Dunphy’s from Modern Family



FunKids FunYou

For You: Micro Luggage from 

For The Kids:


Carry-On Bags for Celebrity Families

Shades? Check! High heels? Check! Matching handbags? But of course!
Family Type: Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple



Photos (Courtney Cox: US Magazine 2009; Gwyneth Paltrow: ONTD)

For You & The Kids: LL Bean Boat & Tote,


Carry-On Bags for Backpacking Families

For adventurous families who need their hands free for pushing airport trolleys, carrying children or, you know, hanging off rock faces.
Family Type: Bear Grylls


BackpackYou BackpackKids

For You: Talon 22: SRP £75; Osprey Europe Ltd,, +44(0)1202 413920

For The Kids: Zoo Packs,


Carry-On Bags for Eco Families

Reduce your carbon footprint with some eco accessorising:
Family Type: Cate Blanchett


EcoYou EcoKids
For You: Swiss Army Blanket Explorer Bag – made with vintage recycled Swiss Army blankets.

For The Kids: Recycled Rice Sack Messenger Bag


Carry-On Bags for Royal Families

Please be upstanding for these regal travel cases fit for a King and Queen.
Family Type: Wills & Kate

RoyalYou RoyalKids
For You: 1920s Louis Vuitton suitcase

For The Kids: Guards Kids Suitcase, Cath Kidston


What’s your favourite carry-on bag?