Mongolia with Kids: Family Destination Guide

Everything you need to know about travelling to Mongolia with your family

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Family Travel in Mongolia

Mongolia: Why You’ll Love It

Mongolia Family Holiday

A journey to Mongolia is a guaranteed adventure. This vast country is the least densely populated in the world, a land the size of Europe but with just 3 million people. But what it may lack in inhabitants (animals outnumber people by 10 to 1), it more than makes up for in geography.

The land of Genghis Khan is where you’ll find big, empty, landscapes, dramatic skies and magical starry nights. To the south lies the arid Gobi Desert, and some of the world’s tallest sand dunes, flaming cliffs and dinosaur bones. By contrast, the Khanggai, in central Mongolia, boasts lush mountains, waterfalls and Buddhist monasteries. Kovsgol, in the far north, is one of the country’s most stunning lakes and in the far west stand the Altai Mountains, where hoomi, the traditional form of throat singing originated.

Elsewhere you’ll find rolling grasslands, wide open plains populated by herds of horses, serene lakes, larch forests and wildlife galore – if you’re really lucky you may even spot a snow leopard or the two-humped Bactrian camel!


Mongolia: Why The Kids Will Love It

Mongolia Family Holiday Horses

Disneyworld it most certainly is not but the Land of the Blue Sky weaves its own kind of magical spell and families that holiday here quickly fall in love with the country. In fact, travelling with kids is one of the best ways to make contact with nomadic families, since you’ll find local kids everywhere. No matter what age your children are, they will quickly make new friends!

Holidays to Mongolia can be organised according to your family’s interests and needs. Camp alongside pristine lakes, climb extinct volcanoes, help herd animals with nomadic families and run, roll or slide down enormous sand dunes. Take part in a felt-making workshop in Ulaan Baatar, ride a camel in the Gobi desert or gallop on horseback across wide-open plains under a never-ending, perfect blue sky.

Journey times can be long in Mongolia so work out where you want to go and how much you want to see depending on the age of your child. We work with a fantastic partner operator who specialises solely in Mongolian holidays and is very experienced at helping families get the most out of this beautiful country.

Mongolia With Kids: Organised Family Holidays

You can also find our featured Family Holidays in Mongolia listed in the Table of Contents above.

Mongolia with Kids: When to Go

Mongolia Family Holiday

The optimum time of year to visit Mongolia is between late May and early September. October is glorious but the nights will be cold.

July is peak season and international flights can be expensive before and after the dates of the Naadam Festival (July 11th and 12th) plus visitor numbers are up and it can feel quite crowded.

Mongolia with Kids: FAQ

Mongolia Family Holiday Horses

Capital: Ulaan Baatar

Time: GMT + 08:00

Language: Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia.

Voltage: 220

Visas: Contact your nearest Mongolian embassy or consulate for up to date visa information for your nationality. If you are from the UK, we recommend Travcour for their excellent visa service ( – if you are not from the UK their website is still full of useful information.

Your passport must also be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of exit from Mongolia.

Health & Vaccinations: Western medicine can be in short supply in Mongolia so make sure to bring any necessary medications with you in clearly labelled containers. Visitors travelling with pre-existing medical conditions should carry a signed and dated letter from your physician describing your medication conditions and medication. All visitors should have travel insurance that covers medical expenses. Vaccinations for Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Tetanus are recommended.

Getting There: Ulaan Baatar’s Chinggis Khaan Airport is Mongolia’s major international airport. Some international airlines that currently fly to Mongolia include Aero Mongolia, Air China, Korean Air and Aeroflot.

Flights are often fully booked in July and August so make sure you organise tickets well in advance if travelling during this time.

Money: The Mongolian unit of currency is the Tugrik (T), which comes in notes of T5, T10, T20, T50, T100, T500, T1000, T5000, T10,000 and T20,000. The highest value note is approximately $12 (£8).

Banks in Ulaan Baatar will change money and banks in provincial centres are also usually fine, however it’s a good idea to leave the capital with enough cash.

You’ll find ATMs in Ulaan Baatar that accept Visa and MasterCard. Upmarket hotels, travel agencies and antique shops generally accept credit cards but don’t rely on plastic for everything.

Safety: Mongolia is a relatively safe country in which to travel. Most crime is opportunistic and common sense is always your best safeguard. Please consult your own government’s travel advisory for more safety advice such as