Make sure you visit the amazing Durbuy adventure park

It might come as a surprise that there is so much to do in the smallest city in the world but Durbuy is big on adventure. Nowhere more so than the Durbuy Adventure Park. Located just outside of the city centre is Belgium’s biggest adventure, a guaranteed fun day out.

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Durbuy Adventure Park
The amazing Adventure Valley in Durbuy, Belgium


Durbuy’s Adventure Valley is an impressive space filed with fun activities. There are climbing walls and big air jumps, labyrinths suspended above ground and treetop walks. You can climb, bike, zip, slide, run and jump to your heart’s content, all in a pretty forest setting.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Wallonia Tourism for the purpose of this review. All opinions are, as always, entirely my own. 


Belgium’s biggest adventure playground

Durbuy Adventure Park
Adventure Valley is the biggest adventure park in Belgium.


It pays to be a little organised before you turn up at Adventure Valley. There are dozens of activities available and not all of them are at the main site. The following are some of what we think are some of the best activities for kids at Durbuy’s Adventure Valley.


Durbuy Adventure Park
Photo Credit Adventure Valley


The playground

At the heart of the adventure park is the playground, a wonderful wooden world of bridges and houses and things to climb. This was the perfect spot for Sam, my three-year-old, and we spent a lot of time here.

I’ll be honest, three is a little young for Adventure Valley, especially when you have older kids who want to take part in absolutely everything. But if you have two adults on hand, then you can split up and the playground is a fun place to spend a few hours while the rest of the family does something a little more high-octane.


The tubing slide

Definitely one of the most popular activities with my big kids was the tubing slide. The slide is the longest in Belgium, which means that you have a fair way to climb with your inner tube, and a great course to whizz down.


The 3D labyrinth

This opened just after we visited so we didn’t get to try it out. But, it looks like a lot of fun and I’m sure it’s going to be one of the park’s most popular things to do.

Built behind an old quarry, it’s an elevated course where you have to navigate wooden platforms and obstacles as you try and make your way through the 3D maze.


The bike park

We didn’t get the chance to try the bike park during our visit but we saw plenty of kids pedalling furiously over the 2km-long track.

The park is like a mini mountain biking course with obstacles that you have to avoid (or ride over!). It’s brilliant for kids who are still relatively new to cycling and really easy to follow.

For more experienced riders there are two pump tracks. These are tracks made up of a continuous loop of dirt bumps and rolls that you ride without pedalling. Instead, you create speed by means of a pumping movement with your arms and legs. These tracks are definitely for cyclists who know what they’re doing.

You need to book in advance for this activity; you can book a time slot when you arrive at the park.


Durbuy Adventure Park
Click and Climb at Durbuy Adventure Park. Photo Credit Adventure Valley


The playground in the trees

Another favourite with my three kids were the bouncy bridges that you crossed in order to reach the nets suspended within the trees. These enclosed, netted areas were great fun for running, bouncing, jumping and, in my case, falling around. The nets definitely favour lighter children than heavier adults and I was certainly not at my most graceful! Still, they are a lot of fun to play in as a family.


Click & climb

This is a 20m outdoor climbing wall where you are harnessed in and have to manoeuvre yourself through various challenges to reach the top.



Other activities at Adventure Valley 

Some of the other activities that this amazing adventure playground organise include a Via Ferrata, caving and rafting. There are also escape rooms, laster tag and kayaking. There’s also a spectacular, stomach-dropping ‘Free Fall’ experience. This is the highest of its kind in Belgium and is like a seated bungee jump. We didn’t try it but it sounds fun.


How much does Adventure Valley cost? 

Durbuy Adventure Park
The playground at Durbuy Adventure Valley


Access to Adventure Valley and its restaurant are free but if you want to take part in the activities then there are various packages available.

The Adventure Pass gives you access to most activities in the park. The Adventure Day + Fly Pass also gives you access to the 1km-long zipline, the Durbuy Free Fall and the big jump on the giant air cushion. You can also purchase the Fly Pass separately.


How long should you spend at Adventure Valley? 

Durbuy Adventure Park
Kayaking along the River Ourthe


You can easily spend a whole day Durbuy Adventure Valley. There’s a restaurant on site, open for both lunch and dinner. If you want to take advantage of some of the a la carte activities, such as kayaking, then you will probably need two days.


Adventure Valley Glamping

Durbuy Adventure Park
Glamping at Durbuy Adventure Valley


Adventure Valley have recently introduced a glamping option for families and friends who want to camp. This is no ordinary campsite, however, the site is made up of luxury safari tents, the kind you usually find in Africa. There are two choices available, the Bali tents and the Shaka tents.

The Bali tents are the more basic where you’ll have to use the communal toilets and showers and bring your own bed sheets.

The Shaka tents are more upmarket and come with ensuite bathrooms as well as towels and sheets.

We spent two nights in one of the Shaka tents and loved it. There was a kingsize bed in the centre of the tent and bunkbeds to one side. The tent had a fridge and our own private terrace so we could enjoy a glass of wine once the kids were asleep.

There’s a communal dining hall for meals or you can head into Durbuy, which is full of excellent restaurants.


Glamping at Adventure Valley
Inside our tent at Adventure Valley Glamping


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