globetotting’s guide to Canary Wharf with kids

London’s financial district is home to more than skyscrapers and suits. From art tours and the Docklands Museum to ferry rides and fabulous food, here are the best things to do in Canary Wharf.

How to hang your holidays on your wall

If, like me, your photos simply clog up your hard drive then this is the post for you. We tried out My-Picture to bring some of our holiday photos to life.

The best places in Melbourne for kids that love animals

If your kids love animals then Melbourne is a brilliant place to visit. From wildlife parks and open range zoos to aquariums and nature reserves, there’s something to please anyone aspiring to be the next David Attenborough

What to do with your dog when you go on holiday

Wondering who’s going to look after your dog when you go on holiday? This app might have the answer! Book tried and tested dog sitters throughout the UK and in seven countries across Europe.


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