37 fun family travel influencers to follow on Instagram

It’s estimated that there are some 1.074 billion (yes, billion) Instagram users worldwide, with new accounts signing up daily. With so many Instagram accounts out there, how do you choose which ones to follow?

I love Instagram for travel inspiration, in particular for finding new destinations to discover with my own kids. So, putting together a list of some of my favourite family travel influencers on Instagram was an easy task. There are lots of travelling families out there who inspire, inform and uncover some of the coolest spots around the world. Some travel full time, others make the most of school holidays and there are a handful of families who have chosen to up sticks and live overseas.

Family travel bloggers on INstagram
Instagram is a great tool for travel ideas and inspiration

The best family travel bloggers on Instagram 

The following list of family travel bloggers on Instagram haven’t been chosen for the size of their following or because their particularly famous. Rather I’ve chosen them for their beautiful photography, for sharing their stories and for being inspiring. I like to follow family travel influencers who travel responsibly, who visit interesting destinations, who have a cohesive feed (so no random photos of lunch if they don’t typically post food shots), and who post regularly.

The following list of travelling families on Instagram is by no means exhaustive; if you have any recommendations or if you would like to be feature then please get in touch!

Mum Pack Travel

This mother daughter duo, Evie and Emmie, are one of my favourite accounts to follow. They’ve had some incredible adventures all around the world and their captions are always honest and often hilarious. Follow them on Instagram 

Macs Explore

I love following the McEvoy family. They’ve been exploring South American for the last two years and post wonderful photos as well as great Instagram and photography tips. Follow them on Instagram.

The Little Adventurer 

Jenny is the mum behind this fun account that covers books, places and things for families. Make sure you read her captions, they are brilliant. Follow them on Instagram.

Twins and Travels 

Anna shares life at home with her five-year-old twins and a toddler as well as their family adventures, such as an epic trip to Kenya. Follow them on Instagram.

Petit Bivouac 

A wonderful look at family life in the beautiful French Alps. Follow them on Instagram.

Travel Babbo

Eric and his kids have had some epic adventures. He goes on a solo trip every year with each child – and they get to choose the destination. Follow him on Instagram.

Pint Size Pilot

Tara and her family have been everywhere from Peru and The Galapagos Islands to Norway, Iceland and much more. They also post a lot of great skiing photos and information. Follow them on Instagram

Kids Are a Trip

Beautiful photography, amazing destinations and fun family travels are just three reasons you should follow Kirsten and her family on Instagram. Follow them on Instagram.


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Here We Go Again 

Ula and Ollie take wonderful photos of the trips they take in their van with their two girls. They started the UK county challenge and are trying to visit them all! Follow them on Instagram.

Walking on Travels 

You won’t find your typical Instagram poses on this fun feed. Rather, Keryn imbues colour, fun and energy into all of her photos! Follow her on Instagram.


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A post shared by Keryn Means (@walkingontravels)

We 3 Travel

Tamara is the go-to person for teen travel. She takes an annual mother-daughter trip with her teenager and shares fun and educational things to do. Follow her on Instagram.

Stuffed Suitcase

Kim always takes great photos and always documents the best things to do with kids wherever she goes. Follow her on Instagram.

2 Travel Dads

If you’re not already following this traveling family on Instagram then you really should. Expect lots of family fun and plenty of blue seas and sunshine from their base in Florida. Follow them on Instagram.


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A post shared by Rob Taylor (@2traveldads)

Family Trips from London

Natalia and her two girls are great fun to follow. They’re always discovering new places to visit in London and the UK and Natalia’s captions are great fun. Follow them on Instagram.

Woolfpack Travels

This awesome family spend six months working and six months travelling – completely living the dream travel life! Follow them on Instagram.

Travel Mad Mum

Karen used her maternity leave with both her two children to travel the world, accompanied by Travel Mad Dad. They have been to some amazing places and documented their trips with stunning photos. Follow them on Instagram


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Wild Blue Family 

This family enjoys the kind of travels that we do – skiing, hiking, swimming and time in the Great Outdoors. Plus, their photos are beautiful. Follow them on Instagram

Wandering Wagars 

Adventures at home in Canada and overseas, this is a fun travelling family to follow. Follow them on Instagram

It’s Claudia Travels 

Her boys are grown now but Claudia still covers family adventures as well as solo and couples travel. Plus, she’s lovely and her photos are so inspirational. Follow her on Instagram

Traveling Mel 

I’m a big fan of this account that focuses on adventuring in Montana, Yellowstone, and the west. Follow them on Instagram

Boy Eats World 

I’ve been following Aleney and her gorgeous kids for years now. I love her travel philosophy and her colourful travel tales. Follow them on Instagram

Wanderlust Crew

Another family travel blog that I’ve been following for a long time. Vanessa and her family of six showcase their travels with fun, colourful photography. Follow them on Instagram

Where the Kids Roam 

Fantastic photos and an even better sense of humour. Follow them on Instagram


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Pod Travels 

Charly shares her overseas travels and UK adventures with her 10-year-old daughter and husband. Always with a camera in hand, her feed focuses on places and people with discovery, exploration and adventure at the heart. Follow Charly on Instagram.

One Tiny Leap 

Maria wants to dispel the myth that having children makes traveling impossible, and wants to inspire families to get out of the comfort zone and go explore the world around them, even if it’s the woods/beach/mountain near where they live. Follow Maria on Instagram.


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Zena’s Suitcase

Great photos and an honest look at family – and travel – life. Follow them on Instagram

Picture Taker Memory Maker

Chloe is passionate about showing her three girls (11, 10 and 8) the world and loves documenting their adventures on camera as they travel as a family – the chaos, the calm and all the moments in between. Follow Chloe on Instagram.


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Mini Travellers 

Karen shares her adventures on the grid which range from days out in the uk, to camping, to 5 * luxury villas to African family travel. Follow Karen on Instagram.


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Flying with a Baby

Carrie shares family days out and travel inspiration both at home and worldwide. She shares plenty of tips to help you plan your trip away. Follow Carrie on Instagram.

Monkey & Mouse 

Jenny loves to show her followers the best of Scotland with her two home educated, curly haired, 7 and 5 year olds. Aside from Scotland they spend time every year choosing several different countries to visit around the world. Follow Jenny on Instagram.


My Travel Monkey 

Follow Ting and her travel monkeys on their adventures at home and abroad. You’ll find a mix of scenery and family shots which are bright and engaging. If you’re looking for family travel inspiration then there’s plenty here. Follow Ting on Instagram.

Like, Love, Do

Donna loves a bright coloured photo and has an eye for seeing something different. You will be sure to find snaps from all over the world as well as plenty of London historic sights, bars and restaurants. Follow Donna on Instagram.


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Tin Box Traveller 

Claire fills her grid with moments captured during her travels and family adventures in the UK and Europe. There’s also a good helping of fun at home in goregous Devon in the South West of England. The cheeky smiles of her two daughters, aged five and three feature a lot, but Claire is also partial to an epic view. Follow Claire on Instagram.

Otis and Us

Katy loves to travel and share her family adventures. Her IG grid is all about life outdoors, camping, glamping, adventures and family travel, oh and maybe a beach and a pretty door thrown in for good measure. Follow Katy on Instagram.

Travelynn Family 

Jenny and her family aim to push the boundaires of family travel and dispel the myth that adventure needs to wait until the kids are older (her boys are aged 3 and 4). On her grid find inspiration from their epic African roadtrip, adventures through Asia (particuarly India), with a bit of Peak District (their new home) for good measure. Follow Jenny on Instagram.

Mummy Travels 

Beaches worldwide are a favourite but Cathy and her daughter love to chase blue skies around the world. From cities to countryside to coast, her feed is full of bright colours and travel inspiration. Follow Cathy on Instagram.


Our Instagram feed is filled with travels everywhere from Mexico and Finland to days out in London, which we’re rediscovering after nearly 12 years living abroad. I’m a firm believer that you can – and should! – take your kids everywhere. Come and follow us on Instagram

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