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We recently had the good fortune to speak with travelling mom Rania Kfuri, founder and President / CEO of Free Like Birdie, a wonderful travel packing system for families on the go.

Here she tells us a little bit about herself and the inspiration behind Free Like Birdie.


Free Like Birdie

A unique packing system for families on the go



The Idea Behind Free Like Birdie

We’ve travelled with both our daughters (they are now aged 5 and 2) since they were babies and I couldn’t find real, functional travel equipment that treated the child as a traveller in his or her own right. There are lots of cute things out there but I wanted something functional.

Once when we were travelling in Amsterdam with my then 3-year-old daughter (who’s nickname is Birdie) she saw me using plastic Ziploc bags to keep all her clothes and things organised. She basically turned to me and said “this is so bad for the planet, you need to find a better way to pack”.

And so the idea for Free Like Birdie travel bags were born.

I wanted to keep it simple and to design something that I felt could encourage people to be more curious about their own communities by being organised. Some people are so nervous about even leaving home after they have a child, I wanted to create something that would make it easier for people to be organised and so they had one less thing to worry about.

Within six months of having the idea, the products were launched at the New England Air Museum on September 29, 2013.


The products

We started with three products; the Quick Change Diaper Pouch and Diaper Pad, the Quick Change Clothes and The Weekender.

The bags are made of a light, waterproof material with detachable handles so that they can attach onto another bag. The bags can be used as packing cubes or as bags in their own right.

The Diaper Pad is made from Minky, a product used to make baby blankets, and it is one of the largest changing pads on the market as well as one of the softest. Parents really like these.


Free Like Birdie

The Diaper Pouch



The Quick Change Clothes and The Weekender come with packing charts listed on the inside of the bags. These are a guide for parents so that they don’t forget anything, from one change of clothes to a weekend away.

These include things such as our “Birdie Basics” so you’re never without a sun hat when you go to the beach.


Free Like Birdie

Handy packing lists ensure you never forget anything



The Quick Change Clothes and The Weekender both have a ‘Clean’ side and a ‘Dirty’ side; on the clean side are grommet holes so that the pouch can be compressed but on the dirty side the bag is airtight.


Where was your favourite family trip?

We’ve travelled to Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, South of France and Lebanon (where Rania’s family is from) with the girls. Berlin was one of my favourites because it was our first overseas trip with Birdie and the people there were so kind.

Barcelona was the first trip as family of four and even though my younger daughter was so little, she loved taking everything in, the people, the sounds. It was a great trip.

We are heading to Vienna in the Spring and Lebanon for Christmas.


Best advice for travelling families?

The best thing you can do is to go with a good attitude. If you’re attitude is good and you’re calm and you remember that it’s supposed to be fun, then you’ll have a great time.

And remember, 99.9% of the time, there is a solution to your problem.

Our bags are there to help you be prepared and to be calm.


Free Like Birdie

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