Lonely Planet Kids Takes 5 with globetotting #LPTakes5


Last Wednesday, June 24, Victoria and I took part in a Twitter Chat with Lonely Planet Kids for their Twitter Talk Series, #LPTakes5. These regular Twitter Talks each feature a different family travel blogger and we were very excited that Lonely Planet Kids asked us to take part.

It was a really fun family travel chat and we were lucky to have so many fantastic family travellers join us. Here’s a quick summary of the Five Questions that Lonely Planet Kids asked us (we’ve expanded on the 140-character answers in places).


Question #1: Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself 

Answer: Victoria & I met in India where we struggled to find reliable info for families travelling with kids, so started globetotting

@LPKids “and what is globetotting then?”

Answer: globetotting is about showing that you can travel with kids anywhere, to places not usually considered ‘family friendly’

You can read a little more about how we got started here and more about both Victoria and myself, as well as some of our contributors, here.




Question #2: What’s the most unusual destination you’ve taken your family to

Answer: Many consider all our destinations to be unusual for family hols! Some favourites include trekking in Nepal and Machu Picchu

Victoria took this pic of her kids at Machu Picchu on her recent trip to Peru


Machu Picchu


And these are my kids when we went trekking in Nepal




You can read more about our trips to Nepal here and to Peru here.



Question #3: What are your top tips for how to take your family off the beaten track

Answer: Planning! Research your destination, prep your kids & don’t try and do too much. Oh, and accept that things may go wrong!


Take a look at some of our Destinations Guides for insider tips!


Question #4: Your site includes hotel reviews. Share your favourite three family friendly hotels with us

Answer: There are lots that we love! Victoria’s favourite is Sol y Luna in Peru’s Sacred Valley


Family Hotel Review: Sol y Luna Lodge & Spa


My favourite is Apa Villas near Galle in Sri Lanka


Family friendly hotels Sri Lanka


And we both love Yab Yum in Goa, India. Quirky and family friendly


Yab Yum


See more of our tried and tested family hotel reviews here



Question #5: It’s always nice to finish on a recommendation, where are you off to next as a family and why

Answer: Victoria leaves for Spain tomorrow and I’m going on a road trip in BC, Canada and then to the beach in Ixtapa, Mexico.



What else did we talk about

A lot of train travel!



This is @globalmouse1‘s son watching the countryside whizz by on a train in Russia.



And this is the incredible play area on a train in Poland was shared by @casualtraveling



Proof that kids find Indian trains just as relaxing as adults! by @globetotting



Thank you @lpkids for inviting us to take part!


And a huge thank you to all the fantastic family travellers who joined in including @mumsthe_world @thesimpleproof @alsb73 @LuxeTravelFam @CasualTraveling @helloterumi @kiddieholidays @pintsizegourmet @globalmouse1 @FreeLikeBirdie @wagonersabroad @StrollrngEurope @Momfari @SteinAman @adrianathani