Wondering where to take the family in 2015? Our panel of expert family travel writers share their hotspots for the coming year.


Nicola Burke – Jetlag & Mayhem

Where to take the kids in 2015

Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Plane


1. Sri Lanka After years of dreaming about this place, we are finally headed there for Christmas and New Year. I’m very excited for all the curries I will eat for breakfast, noon and dinner!

2. Taipei At an hour’s flight from Hong Kong, this is the perfect place for a quick weekend away. Best of all – Eva Air operate a few ‘Hello Kitty’ themed planes and I know my daughters would be overjoyed to experience this flight!

3. LA + <insert US State> Every year we pick a US state at random and head off on a 2 week roadtrip. We tend to use LA as a Launchpad and take an onward flight to our State of choice. I have just booked our LA flights (using airmiles, hooray!) but have yet to choose the state. All suggestions welcome!

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Victoria Westmacott 

Where to go in 2015 with the kids!

The otherworldly landscape of Chile


1) Mexico This year, a visit to Mexico is a must. Not just to see Katja, but also to meet a new team member. Katja’s third little globetotter who is due in March – on my birthday as it happens 🙂

2) Chile / Argentina / Uruguay / Peru – Any of these will do! I love riding and long to explore the horse culture of South America. If anyone has tried & tested tips for tour operators specialising in horse riding tours for families, please pass them my way.

3) South of Spain Spain is our permanent home and this year, we plan on renovating our house. Finally, a project that will feed my obsession with tiles!


Tara Cannon – Pint Size Pilot

Where to go in 2015 with the kids!

Skiing with the family at Silver Star


1. Silver Star Mountain, British Columbia, Canada Silver Star is the perfect mountain for the multi-generational ski trip. It has lots of beginner terrain, gorgeous snow and no lift lineups, making it ideal for kids learning to ski and grandparents wanting to keep their knees intact.

2. Disney Aulani Resort, in Oahu, Hawaii A perfect location to have a reunion of fellow travelers I met in my 20’s while backpacking around Europe. With people coming from all over Canada and Australia, it makes for a great meeting point (especially since we all have children now).

3. Zihuatanejo, Mexico We traveled to Zihuatanejo when our son was an infant and fell in love with the gorgeous beach location. We are returning because my husband and I drank too much champagne at an auction and started bidding on everything (successfully winning the 5 night stay in Mexico).

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Amelia Lynch – The Everyday Journey

Where to go in 2015 with the kids!

There’s nowhere quite like Disney!


1) Florida We’ve been promising the kids a trip to Disney for years and have friends in Tampa, so we’ll be touring Florida for a few weeks in June after school gets out. Jason and I are looking forward to doing some scuba diving while we’re there, and I want to visit Amelia Island because there aren’t a lot of places that share my name.

2) Washington D.C. We have two friends living there, so two free places to stay complete with guide to local attractions! We love museums and history so I’m thinking at least a week and it probably still won’t be enough. We may be moving to a foreign country but I want my kids to be grounded in their own history as well.

3) Cozumel, Mexico Of course our big move to this island will be in July of 2015, but we’ll also make a trip there around the end of February to work with Friends of Cozumel and do our last research before the move. Our girls are practicing their snorkeling and paring down their toys, excited to go.

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Philippa Langrish 

Where to go in 2015 with the kids!

Skiing in Japan…with little kids (we hope!)


1) El Nido: The first destination on our path will be the Holy Grail of Asian beaches – El Nido. We plan to go for Valentines week; having heard so much about this enchanted pocket of the Philippines we decided it was finally time time to see it for ourselves.

2) Cambodia or The Philippines: Our second destination is still undecided. We are looking to escape somewhere for a week in November and are torn between staying on local Philippine shores or casting ourselves adrift to Cambodia to explore Angkor Watt; my preference is the latter.

3) Japan: Our final plans are for Christmas 2015. We will not be returning to Europe to have the traditional family Christmas, so, Japan, show us what you’ve got! I may be crazy by thinking of visiting a Japanese ski resort for Christmas with two small children, however, we have been dreaming of eating sushi on the slopes since we arrived in Asia and its now or never! I hope to squeeze in a few days exploring Tokyo and Kyoto before hoping on a flight to Sapporo and then onto the international ski resort of Niesko.


Jameela Deen – Diary of a Serial Expat

Where to go in 2015 with the kids!

The Muslim Holy city of Mecca


1) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia I’m moving to Jeddah to work as an English teacher. I have never been to Saudi and it’s such a unique culture i can’t wait to discover it for myself.

2) Mecca, Saudi Arabia Since i’m moving to Saudi Arabia my top destination there has to be the Muslim Holy city of Mecca where i want to perform the pilgrimage. Mecca is quite unique in that only Muslims are allowed to travel there so it makes this trip even more special.

3) Gabes, Tunisia Tunisia is where my heart is and i plan to spend the summer holiday 2015 there with family. I love the heat, the beach and the slower pace of life over there. It’s the perfect place to relax.

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Katja Gaskell 

Where to take the kids in 2015

The beautiful San Blas Islands


Our travel plans are slightly in flux given that we will be welcoming a new member to the family in March. However, assuming all goes well, we’ll be making the most of our travel opportunities before we have to start paying for another seat on the plane!

1) ‘El Chepe’, Mexico: I’ve been wanting to do this train ride through the Copper Canyon since we arrived in Mexico. It is supposed to be spectacular so hopefully we’ll be riding the rails in 2015.

2) New York & Canada: I’ve been promising to take the kids to NYC for years (they’re desperately keen to see The Highline after reading The Curious Garden by Peter Brown). We’ll probably combine this with a trip to Canada, although we haven’t quite decided where in Canada yet!

3) Panama & the San Blas Islands: Not only do I want to see Victoria in Panama City but I’d love to explore the beautiful San Blas islands that look simply idyllic. Babies and sailboats are ok, right?!


Travelling with kids just got more exciting.

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