Bringing travel into our home with Murals Wallpaper

Murals wallpaper review
Details of our London City Map Wallpaper


I don’t often write about home interiors but I do love to write about anything that brings our travels into our home. When we moved back to London, we bought our first ever house together and part of the fun of getting set up was finding a happy place for all the furniture, photos and knick-knacks that we’d collected from our time living in Australia, India and Mexico.


Murals wallpaper review
Our London map


And, for the first time ever, the kids have their own room. Admittedly they still often have sleepovers in each other’s bedrooms having shared together since they first arrived in the world, but they do like having their own space. One of the things we did when decorating the kids’ bedrooms was let them choose wallpaper for a feature wall. When looking for fun and original wallpaper I came across Murals Wallpaper, a company that produces unique wallpapers featuring murals, patterns and photos to suit all design tastes. We discovered a brilliant vintage travel poster wallpaper for Alfie’s room and a fun, geometric triangle pattern in bold colours for Tess’ room.

Disclosure: We were gifted the London map wallpaper for the purpose of this review. The other wallpapers featured were paid for. 


Murals wallpaper review
I love this vintage travel poster wallpaper


What’s clever about Murals Wallpaper is that the wallpapers are custom-made for every wall. So, rather than buying rolls of wallpaper that have been sitting in stock for ages, you choose the design you like, enter the measurements of the wall or room you want to decorate into the system and the wallpaper is produced to order meaning there is very little waste.


Murals wallpaper review
And these bright geometric shapes are perfect for Tess’ room


More recently we’ve been thinking about bringing some colour into our kitchen and we decided to cover one wall with a map of London. Murals Wallpaper offer a number of map options ranging from world maps and vintage ones to political world maps, an ancient style world map, a fun black and white typography mural and plenty of others. They also produce a range of world maps for kids that are whimsical, playful and full of colour.


Murals wallpaper review
One feature wall!


We decided to go for a classic street map. What’s particularly clever about this wallpaper is that you can customise the wallpaper to your chosen location. All you have to to is to provide a postcode for the centre of your chosen area and then they scale this up-to-date Ordnance Survey map into a fantastic and very detailed wall mural. We started off using our own north London postcode but realised when we got a sample back that the mural didn’t include any of London’s major landmarks. For round two we gave Big Ben as a postcode so that our feature wall would have sights such as Hyde Park, Regents Park, the Houses of Parliament and, of course, the River Thames.


Murals wallpaper review
The map is incredibly detailed


The ordering process was very simple and shortly afterwards the wallpaper arrived in a small, compact tube. Admittedly, the wallpaper then sat around for several weeks as neither Nick nor I wanted to be responsible for ruining the map as we attempted DIY. Eventually, however, we managed to get the map on our kitchen wall thanks to a handy decorator and I love the result!


Murals wallpaper review
Look! The Thames!


Not only does the map look amazing and brings some colour into the kitchen but it’s also really fun looking at the city that we now call home. Our actual house is not shown but central London is in its entirety.


Murals wallpaper review


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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