Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia


By: David Bonnardeaux

Family Holidays in Cambodia


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A Family Adventure to Angkor Wat

My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, a place of worship…and the location of Tomb Raider


Angkor Wat. For some this is a place of worship, a complex of temples devoted to the supreme being Vishnu. It is a place of peaceful retreat; a place to lose yourself in the multitude of temples, to glimpse a bygone era. Others, however, go to Angkor Wat to get that little bit closer to Angelina Jolie and her Tomb Raider persona… Clearly that was NOT our motivation for visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Well, at least not my wife’s….


My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Exploring Angkor Wat


But there’s a very good reason they chose to shoot portions of Tomb Raider at Angkor Wat, and specifically Ankgor Ta Prohm, the “monastery of the king” built in 1186 A.D. This is one of the few ruins in Angkor that has been left pretty much as is, with little to no restoration. As such, gnarly tree roots grow around the sculpted walls and through where once roofs existed, giving the temple an eerie and ethereal feel. And so that was one of our first ports of call for our family of (then) three, on arrival to Angkor Wat.


My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Our temple-touring tuk-tuk


Angkor Wat itself is a veritable playground, spanning over 400 square kilometres, although the main temples are not as spread out and can be seen over the course of two full days. Our 2.5-year-old was in his own la-la land, climbing walls, going in and out of enclosures, traipsing over roots, gawking at monkeys and cavorting with Buddhist monks.

Thankfully we had hired a tuk-tuk to not only be able to go further afield and see the slightly more remote temples, but also to provide our little Ati a place to crash in the shade, as mum and dad took turns visiting the temples.


My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Our 2.5yr old was in his own la-la land, climbing walls and traipsing over roots


At the end of the day, after witnessing the sunset from behind the main Angkor Wat temple almost all on your own (or if you feel up to it, you can see the sunset from the hill-top temple of Phnom Bakhengbut be prepared to brave the hordes of fellow tourists) you retreat to the hostels, villas and boutique hotels of Siem Reap, only a few kilometres away.

We stayed at the quaint Golden Mango Inn in central Siem Reap: cheap and cheerful with spacious rooms and a lovely pool. But there are umpteen choices of places to stay with some amazing pools and spas, etc. Take a look at the top hotels for families on TripAdvisor

We specifically chose a small inn/hotel as this way you don’t have to worry about your children unduly disturbing your neighbours who have shelled out over $1000/night to stay in a secluded tranquil oasis of a boutique hotel… And THAT in turn gives you peace of mind!



The Best Part

Family Holidays in Cambodia
Elephant joy


Our – and particularly our son’s – favourite part of the trip was riding an elephant around the Bayon Temple. It gave us the feeling of travelling back in time to Angkor Wat during the days where elephants were ubiquitous in the area. And he got to feed the elephant bananas. What more would a 2.5yr old want to do?!


My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Ati making friends



Three Things You Should Definitely Do

My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Avoid the crowds and watch the sun set from a less popular spot


1. Visit Angkor Ta Prohm either very early or late in the day, thereby avoiding the throngs of tourists. But not too early or too late, or it will be too dark to see much!

2. Go see the sunset from a lesser-visited spot – the views will still be stellar, you will capture amazing photos, and you can have the moment almost to yourself (and hopefully with no velociraptor-like sounds emanating from your overtired child…).

3. Spend the hottest part of the day back at the inn/hostel/lodge sipping a cocktail poolside while your children take a nap. You will all be that much happier and rested for the afternoon excursion into the ruins.


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My Family Adventure: Amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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  1. I love Cambodia and Angkor Wat is one of my favorite places. I lived here for about a year and can’t speak highly enough of the entire country. I’m so glad that you had an amazing time there, especially as a traveling family. May I be so lucky, one day, myself.

  2. Yes, Cambodia is a fascinating country, and Angkor Wat its centerpiece. I guess we fell into the easy trap of flying into Siem Reap, seeing Angkor Wat, and flying out, thereby overlooking the rest of what Cambodia has to offer. A shame, but when travelling with a child in tow sometimes easy is good! A decade before I travelled overland from Thailand and let me tell you, that was NOT easy or quick. But fascinating nonetheless, driving in the back of pickups along dirt roads, into the night. Witnessing bizarre black light in the middle of nowhere only to find out that they were used by local people to catch insects (their main source of protein)…. A year after however I went to Phnom Penh for work, and its a vibrant and very interesting city to visit. Definitely worth a few days!

    1. I don’t know, not everyone thinks travelling to Cambodia is easy – no matter how you do it! It really sounds like an incredible adventure….although perhaps not has off-the-beaten-track as your previous travels in Asia 🙂

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