This month we talked to Nicola Burke, blogger, traveller and mother to two girls, about Thailand, raisins and the importance of sitting next to kind plane passengers.


Name: Nicola Burke 

Kids: 2 daughters, Daisy is 4 and Sky is 18 months 

My family in three words: pink, loving and chatterboxes 

Lives in: Hong Kong 




Nicola Burke with Daisy and Sky.

Nicola with Daisy and Sky.


Daniel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong


1. What is your favourite family holiday destination and why?

Thailand.  We visit at least twice a year and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the Thai people are, how delicious the food is and how much fun we have as a family there.


Thailand (

Thailand (

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2. What is your kids’ favourite family holiday destination and why?

Road tripping in the US.  As we live in HK without a car, even driving in the car in the US is an adventure.  The kids love the food, in Texas they ate BBQ every day for two weeks.


3. Tell us about your favourite family hotel

Aside from my mum’s house (!), it’s not a traditional ‘hotel’ but I absolutely love the villas on Koh Samui that you can find on  The villas are all beautifully appointed and often come with a chef, a luxury that absolutely makes my holiday!


Samui villas, Thailand

Samui villas, Thailand

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4. What three things do you never leave home without when travelling with kids?

1. Black pashmina.  Perfect for creating blackout on the go
2. Raisins.  I can buy quiet with these
3. Crayons and paper


5. What is your best tip for long-haul travel with kids?

Take your baby carrier in hand luggage (I’m a big fan of the Ergo).  Great for transferring young kids into when you have to hand a stroller over at the gate or the long walk from the plane to a luggage carousel.  It’s also good for getting young kids to sleep in on a plane.


Ergo baby carrier

Ergo baby carrier

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6. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you when travelling with children?

My daughter puked all over me and my seat before we’d even taken off!  I was surprised by the kindness of strangers, offering to hold my daughter whilst I cleaned myself up and her. Luckily the air stewardess rubbed coffee granules into the seat and replaced the smell of vomit with a lovely coffee shop for the long twelve hour flight.

Daisy and Sky

Daisy and Sky


7. What do you enjoy best about travelling with kids?

Creating amazing memories and hearing them talk about our travels long after we’ve returned home.

Actually, we are not sure what this is!

Actually, we are not sure what this is!


8. Where’s next on your family travel wish list? (for you? for your kids?)

For me Burma, Bhutan and Mongolia.  With the kids, I am absolutely desperate to take them to Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Family Holiday

Sri Lanka


9. Tell us a bit about your blog ( and what inspired you to write about family travel.

I’m a British mum of two living in Hong Kong.  My obsessive travel gene and need to visit family back in UK meant I was constantly flying with the kids, often on my own. Friends kept asking me for travel advice so I decided to collect it all in one place   My goal is to help other parents by sharing stories, the good and the bad.  I love getting reviews from friends and also learning about the latest kids travel products.

Any particular favourite blog posts? I’m fairly obsessed with Thailand.  Earlier this year we had a wonderful trip to Koh Samui that I will cherish.  I wrote about it here



Jetlag & Mayhem blog

Jetlag & Mayhem blog


10. In the spirit of BBC’s Desert Island Discs, if you were stranded on a desert island …

A) What would be the one luxury item and one essential item that you would take with you?

Luxury item – Unlimited crisps
Essential item – sunscreen

B. What would be the one luxury item and one essential item your kids(s) would take?

Luxury item – Peppa Pig DVD and DVD player!
Essential item – Raisins


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