The Philippines with Kids: KidZania Manila

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Kidzania Manila
Pastry chefs at KidZania Manila


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KidZania Manila

10 Things to do with Kids in Manila: Kidzania
Playing at pilots in KidZania Manila


KidZania is a fun, educational city-for-kids where children can take on different roles from firefighters, to nurses, to fashion models. Originally started in Mexico City, the concept is based on learning through play. This part theme park, part miniature town, offers children the chance to do what comes naturally to them, role-playing by mimicking traditional adult activities.

The first KidZania opened in the suburb of Santa Fe in Mexico City in September 1999 and since then, some 10 million children have walked through its doors to play at being doctors, vets, police officers, journalists and more. Each KidZania offers nearly 100 role-playing activities of varying degrees of difficulty in facilities designed to be just the right size for kids.


Kidzania doctors
Paramedics in training


Children can fly airplanes, host a radio show, try to solve a crime, put out a (fake) fire, make pizza, model in a fashion show and much more. They can even get a Masters Degree to earn more ‘kidzos’ (the play currency) which they can trade, spend or save. It is aimed at kids aged four to fourteen. However, I think the best age to go is around seven or eight years old.


Kidzania Manila
Working as vets


Kidzania Manila
Pizza Makers


There are now branches all over the world including London, Dubai and here in Manila. Located in Bonifacio Global City, in the heart of Manila’s newest business district, KidZania opened in August 2015 and has been a roaring success.


Kidzania Manila
At the supermarket


10 Things to do with kids in Manila


I was a little sceptical at first because I have never experienced anything like it. On arrival the kids are given their own boarding pass and enter what I can only describe as a giant living board game (reminiscent of the Game of Life). They go from place to place learning, making, exchanging ideas and taking part in activities. The best part is that parents can’t interfere! We have to wait outside each activity and let the facilitators, otherwise known as the ‘Zupervisors’, take charge.


Kidzania Manila
A KidZania department store


Kidzania Manila


My daughter, Maya, took five of her buddies and they became paramedics, pizza-makers, pilots, beauticians and fashion models. This was just a small slice of what KidZania has to offer so we will definitely need to go back to try some of the other activities.


Kidzania Manila
Fashion models strut their stuff on the catwalk


The security is seriously state of the art so kids can roam freely. They each have a wrist band which sounds an alarm if they were to leave the premises without their parent in charge.


Kidzania Manila
KidZania Manila


KidZania Manila Visitor Information

  • Entrance fees: It may seem a little pricey (at 900php – 1,00php depending on the day) but when taken into consideration the length of stay, inclusion of lunch (if the kids make it) and activities on offer it is worth it.
  • KidZania Manila ticket counters open at 8AM and close two hours before the end of each shift. Visitors must enter the play city at least two hours before the end of each shift.
  • The sessions last for 5 hours and our kids were more than happy to stay this long.
  • Address: Kidzania Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila
  • Phone: (02) 711 5439
  • Hours: 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 2pm & 3pm – 8pm Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
  • Website: Kidzania


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8 thoughts on “The Philippines with Kids: KidZania Manila”

  1. I never knew Kidzania started in Mexico – for some reason, I thought it was Japan. It’s such an interesting concept. Like you too, I have mixed feelings. I’d like to try the one here in London, though, to see what it’s like.

    1. Hello, I would be interested in checking them out in different locations too. I think it is a great concept and look forward to exploring more Kidzania worlds

  2. We tried the one in London, having no idea what it would be like, and the kids really enjoyed it (and wrote about it too). It sounds pretty similar – interesting to know if it’s basically the same the world over!

    1. Hi Sarah, I think it is slightly different in each country depending on the culture, but the same concept. I think it is great for the kids to play act at different roles. They loved it too – as a group it really gave them a sense of team spirit.

  3. Yes indeed. You can pick and choose which activities the kids do as it is so huge. We steered clear of the big corporations and stuck to the vocational professions such as firefighting, nursing, paramedics ect… I loved that the kids made their own lunch! It is definitely more fun in a group as the kids benefit from the shared peer experience.

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