How to create beautiful photo gifts for Christmas

Review Photo Gifts from RosemoodChristmas has always been one of my favourite times of year. I love putting up the tree with the kids, hanging fairy lights everywhere, spending time with family and, of course, finding the perfect gift.

This year, however, is going to look quite different. 

Although we still don’t know quite how the festive season is going to unfold, it’s certainly going to be a much quieter holiday than usual. 

Which is why I’m going to make our Christmas presents a little more personal this year. If we can’t physically be with extended family then I want to find personalised gifts that really mean something. 

Disclosure: This is a paid collaboration with Rosemood Atelier. All opinions are, as always, entirely my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy.

Rosemood Photo Books
Photo books from Rosemood


Photo gifts from Rosemood

I first came across Rosemood Atelier online. They are a young French company that produce a wide range of beautiful stationery and gifts including wedding and baby stationery (including save the date cards), stylish photo books, and elegant notebooks of the highest quality. 

Over the years I’ve tried a number of different services to create photo books online. I make an annual photo book to document our travels and, when we lived overseas, I would create photo calendars for the grandparents.


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Rosemood Photo Books
“Actually, the best gift you could give her is a lifetime of adventure”


Results were mixed. Some services were inexpensive but you didn’t get high quality paper for example. Other companies produced beautiful products but at a price. What I like about Rosemood is that the quality is excellent at an equally impressive price point. 

What sets Rosemood apart even further is their team that proofreads your text, retouches your photos and adjusts the layout of your stationery and photo books to make sure the end result is perfect. They also have their own printing atelier, which means that they oversee every step of the production process. 


Rosemood Photo Books
Rosemood Photo Books


Christmas is the day that holds all time together – Alexander Smith 


The design process

I worked with Rosemood to trial and create three products; a photo book, a 2021 calendar and a notebook. 

Designing my Rosewood product could not have been easier. Their online editor is incredibly simple to use while also giving you a lot of creative freedom. 


Rosemood Photo Books
Rosemood Photo Books

Photo Books 

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to creating your Rosemood photo book.

There are fifteen photo book designs to choose from – including a fun magazine style design – and three formats, square, portrait and landscape. You can choose softcover, printed hardcover or fabric hardcover photo books. There’s also the choice of three different book sizes. I picked the Insignia design; simple, elegant and ideal for showing off my photos. 

The next step is the most time consuming – choosing your photos! If, like me, you have thousands of photos online this can take some time. Once you’ve selected your photos, however, it’s easy to import them into your Rosemood account and add them to your book. 

If you don’t feel like designing the book yourself then there’s the option to let the online system design your photo book for you. You then have the chance to move photos around if you want before ordering. 

Rosemood Photo Books
Our Rosemood photo book


I chose to design my own book using various layout options and then dragging the photos onto the page. You don’t need to worry what the photos will look like when printed either as the system will alert you if any of the photos are of poor quality. I also chose to add text to my book, including some of my favourite travel quotes. 

My photo book was just over 30 pages but you can add up to 200 pages if you like. For me, photo books are the perfect present for grandparents and this one was created for that purpose. I will, however, definitely return to make my annual photo album and take advantage of the extra pages. These personalised photo albums would also work really well for christening and birthday as well as a travel photo album and wedding albums. 


Rosemood Photo Books
There are four different calendar designs to choose from

Photo Calendars

Rosemood offers four different types of photo calendars including one desk calendar. I chose the traditional ‘Elegance’ design. 

The creative process is the same as with the photo books; choose and upload your photos and then add them to your calendar. You can add up to four photos per month. What I particularly love about this calendar is the foil stamped cover.


Rosemood Photo Books
These beautiful fabric hardback notebooks are the ideal gift

Personalised Notebook 

The notebooks are one of Rosemood’s newest offerings and they are stunning. There are four different styles to choose from; two fabric hardback notebooks with either a photo or foil lettering on the front and two softback notebooks with either a photo or foil lettering. 

I opted for a fabric hardback notebook in French Blue (there are four fabric colours to choose from). I had originally planned to make this for one set of grandparents but in the end I chose to make the notebook for my daughter Tess. I used one of my favourite photos, taken on her 7th birthday on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

I also added one of the best-loved quotes by Lewis Carroll and plan to give the notebook to her for her birthday in January (admittedly she might have seen it already!).

These notebooks also make really lovely gifts for friends and family. Again, the process to create the notebook was quick and easy.


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Photo gifts from Rosemood – our thoughts

Rosemood Photo Books
Rosemood Photo Books make the ideal Christmas gift


Overall I was really impressed with the Rosemood process from start to finish.

Their online editor is easy to use and the products appear to be much more expensive than they actually are. A softcover photo book starts at £15 and a Fabric hardback photo notebook is £25. The calendar that I chose is £27. These prices include all the additional checks and retouching services that take place before printing occurs. The printing quality and paper are also both excellent.

My order took 10 working days to arrive. The items were packaged in bubblewrap and placed inside a thick cardboard envelope to ensure nothing was damaged in transit. As with all holiday orders, it’s worth getting your order in early to ensure on time delivery.

I am really am delighted with our Rosemood products and know that they will make the most wonderful Christmas gifts.

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