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Tava Adventures Travel Guides


On the whole, my three kids are good travellers but I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t need a helping hand from time to time. I’m always on the lookout for ways to make our travels truly family friendly so that everyone has a good time. We’ve taken a family-friendly tour in Florence, Italy, which was wonderful and our family-friendly cooking class on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was a trip highlight. Another thing that I like to do when travelling to a new place is find guidebooks for kids and one of our favourites are the Tava Adventures Travel Guides.


Tava Adventures Travel Guides


Tava Adventures Travel Guides

Tava Adventures Travel Guides
I spy the London Eye!


The Tava Adventures Travel Guides are mini-travel guides for kids and are simply brilliant. They come packaged in passport-sized wallets and hold a series of cards that details key information about the city, parent-approved activities and fun facts. The illustrations are gorgeous and the amount of information shared is just enough to keep kids’ engaged. They’re a great way to both get kids excited about a trip and to use on the ground. You can choose from six different passport holders to keep your cards organised, or no passport cover if you already have one.


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Tava Adventures Travel Guides


Tava Adventures were created by Kady Lieber, an American mother of two who spent several years living in Switzerland. The Lieber family love to travel and believe that “the world is too exciting to be wasting time sleeping and eating”. They have travelled all over the world and are passionate about making travel fun and exciting for their kids.


“To inspire all young globe-trotters to never stop searching for the next adventure and to always take one step further than the day before”

Tava Adventure Travel Guides


During their time living in Europe, Kady made travel cards for her eldest daughter, Tay, to keep her entertained in museums so that Kady could admire the art without anyone asking, “is it time to go yet?!”. The cards proved such a hit with Tay that Kady made more and more until, in July 2015, she launched Tava Adventures Travel Guides (Tava is an amalgamation of Kady’s daughters’ names, Tay and Ava).


Tava Adventures Travel Guides


More recently, the family have been on a journey of a very different kind as they deal with their youngest daughter Ava’s brain cancer diagnosis. Incredibly, they still look for the positive and the wonderful in their everyday lives and continue to want to “encourage families to adventure more whatever that adventure may be”. They are a truly impressive family and if you to be be moved and inspired then take a look at their Instagram page.


Tava Adventures Travel Guides


We’ve used Tava Adventure Travel Guides twice now and the kids love them; my three-year-old simply likes carrying the passport around and looking at the pictures and my 8- and 11-year-olds find them a fun and interesting way to explore a city. The first time we used them was in Florence a couple of years ago and they proved invaluable, particularly when visiting the Uffizi Gallery. The Tava passport held an activity card for the gallery, which featured four famous paintings for the kids to find. Cleverly, the cards had been designed so that the works of art featured were located at the beginning, middle and end of the museum, so the kids were kept engaged for the entire visit. Admittedly, after a couple of hours of admiring ancient works of art the kids were nearly sprinting out of the exit, but the guides did a fabulous job at keeping them busy for the majority of our visit.


Tava Adventures Travel Guides
Finding art in the Ufizi Gallery


When we moved back to the UK, Kady gifted me the London guides to try out. Not surprisingly, the kids loved this version, too! As anyone who has followed us for a while will know, we only moved back to London 12 months ago after nearly 12 years living abroad. Even though the kids are British they had never lived here before and so exploring London has been much like exploring any new city for them.


Tava Adventures Travel Guides
I Spy…. Tower Bridge!


The Tava London Guides are as bright, bold and colourful as all the other Tava Travel Guides and includes twelve travel cards highlighting the main sights of the capital. Sights include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, the London Eye and more! We used the guides regularly as we explored London over the summer and they really are an engaging way to get kids excited about a destination. They’re also a great way for kids to take charge and teach their parents a thing or two!


Tava Adventures Travel Guides


Tava Adventures have guides to the following destinations:

  • Switzerland
  • Beijing
  • Paris
  • London
  • Florence
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Diego
  • Kenya

They also offer travel game cards for airplane travel, road trips in the USA and a really fun Animal Guide celebrating North American animals. Tava Guides can be bought from their website; make sure to follow them on Instagram too!


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