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“Working with Globetotting was one of the best decisions we at LivItaly Tours have made. From the first email contact all the way to post- production of their glowing review of our services. Katja was attentive and responsive and answered emails promptly. The content she created has helped us immensely with our marketing and promotions. Globetotting delivers across many social media channels and has led to direct bookings for the tour they so kindly reviewed. I/we would highly recommend working with the sharp and fun professionals who produce Globetotting. Finally, the tour guide who took around Katja and her family had so many nice things to say about them as customers, which in the end, is the most important part of reviewing tours and services. Thank you to Globetotting for collaborating with us! We look forward to continuing to work together in the future”

-Rachel, LivItaly Tours

“Working with Globetotting was a breeze. I never had any issues from the time we made our first correspondence. During our hotel tour in Discovery Primea Makati, I got to meet Ms. Philippa Langrish and her wonderful family. Her daughter, Maya, is such a darling. During the tour, Philippa, attentively listened to the stories about the brand and asked questions that could add value to their stay.

True enough, she was able to write a wonderful review depicting the hotel as a perfect destination for family stays in Makati. She also did the same in Discovery Shores in Boracay when they went there early this year. The video the team created was great! On behalf of The Discovery Leisure Company and our esteemed properties, we would like to thank Globetotting for such wonderful collaboration! More success to the team and we look forward to more collaborations ahead.”

Jane Santiago, The Discovery World Group

”Having globetotting.com visiting us during our family weeks called Yasuragi Kids gave us an enormous attention in social media. An international coverage that we could only dream of. Working with globetotting we got an in-depth and personal review of the concept of our hotel. We are truly satisfied with the cooperation and can warmly recommend this team”

Kersti Olophsdotter, Yasuragi

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