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Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

A bed in the sky!



Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock – a bed in the sky! 

Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

No more falling onto the floor for toddlers!


I have long since given up on getting comfortable on a long-haul flight. It’s rare (very rare!) that I turn left when I walk onto a plane and if I’m travelling with the kids then it’s always straight to economy. So although I expect to walk off a night flight with a cricked neck and aching shoulders, I’m always on the lookout for something that will make my kids’ journey a little more comfortable. Something that will let them – and thereby me! –  sleep through the journey.


There are a lot of gadgets on the market now promising a more comfortable flight; from the traditional neck pillow to the odd-looking neck hammock. But what about for kids? Not only do I want something that will allow them to sleep better, I want something that is small, lightweight and easily portable. What I don’t need is another big bulky bag to carry onto the plane with me – I have enough of those already travelling with three kids!


Enter the Fly Legsup Flight Hammock. This is a portable hammock that has been designed to make flying in economy more comfortable. There are two versions, one for adults and one for children. I was recently sent a kids’ version to review and we tested it out on my two-year-old on a Mexico City – London return flight (an 11-hour night flight).



Fly LegsUp For Kids

Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

Who knew flying in economy could be this comfortable?!


Designed by an Australian mother and her two daughters, the concept is remarkably simple but very effective. Essentially it is, as the name suggests, a hammock that allows you to raise your feet and legs into different positions. Made from “special” lightweight fabric, the hammock is attached to the drop down tray table in front of you using velcro straps. The “tail” sits on your seat and is tucked into the back of your chair and you then place various inflatable pillows into the hammock. The children’s pack comes with one small, and two large, inflatable pillows.

If, like me, you’re travelling with a little person, then you will probably choose to add all three pillows so that your toddler can lie out flat – a veritable bed in the skies! If you are travelling with older kids, then you may just put in one pillow so that their legs are supported but they are not at 180°. The hammock comes with instructions and suggested positions.


Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

My two-year-old tests out Fly LegsUp. We haven’t quite got the pillows right…but you get the idea!



Fly LegsUp for Adults

Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

The Adult version


Although I didn’t test the adults’ version, I am very tempted to try it out on my next long-haul flight. The adults’ hammock is essentially the same as the kids’ one, but the children’s hammock comes with an additional pillow.

As with the kids’ hammock, the idea is to help you sleep and relax on long haul flights. So, rather than trying to curl your legs up on your seat you can suspend them in the hammock, making for a much more comfortable flight. There is also an argument that Fly LegsUp can help with swelling as your feet and legs are elevated.



Our Verdict

Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

Even big kids can use the hammock; here’s an 8-year-old getting comfortable


Honestly, I think this is a fantastic travel product. We have used it twice on long-haul flights and I have already lent it to friends to use on their overseas journeys. It’s easy to use and it works!

I tested it out on my two-year-old and although he didn’t lie out flat (he still likes to lie with his head on my lap!), having the hammock meant that he didn’t roll off the seat onto the airplane floor. This meant that I could also doze, safe in the knowledge that even if he wriggled around, he wouldn’t go far.

I also love that the Fly LegsUp Hammock is so lightweight. It weighs less than 500g, making it easy to pack in my hand luggage.

The Fly LegsUp Hammock has been approved and tested by an engineer authorised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia. Fly LegsUp is also said to comply with the airline safety regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency, the US Federal Aviation Authority, and the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates, and is said to be allowed on board by most airlines.



Fly LegsUp – What’s Included

Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

One of the things I like best is that the Fly LegsUp Hammock is so small and lightweight.


The kids’ version comes with one hammock, one small pillow and two large pillows, the travel bag, and instructions – all in one small, handy bag.

The adults’ version is the same but it comes with one small pillow and one large pillow.



Need to Know

Fly LegsUp Review: So Kids can sleep on a plane

The bag clips onto the hammock so that you don’t lose it.


The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock has been designed for economy. If you’re sitting up front in the big seats you don’t need this! At the back of the plane, however, you will need a seat in front of you as the hammock attaches to the arms of the drop down tray table. It can’t be used in bulkhead seats or areas without a seat in front of you. For more details on how it works, take a look here.



Fly LegsUp are currently taking pre-orders for USA, Canada, UK and the EU; hammocks will be back in stock on May 25th. Prices are AUD $69.95 for Adults and AUD $79.95 for Children.



All globetotting families get a 5% discount! Simply enter the following promo code upon checkout: GLOBETOTS1 – valid until July 26 2017. 



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Fly LegsUp: A special flight hammock so kids can sleep on the plane.

I was sent a Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock for the purpose of this review however all opinions are, as always, entirely my own. This is really a fantastic product and I would happily recommend it to anyone. 


Travelling with kids just got more exciting.

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