7 Unicorn gifts for girls and boys

Unicorns have been around for hundreds of years but I’m quite certain they’ve never been as popular as they are now. Unicorns are seemingly everywhere, particularly when it comes to unicorn gifts for girls.

It’s thought that these magical creatures were first mentioned around 2700 BC and were considered as real in the ancient world by the Greeks. They’ve appeared in ancient Indian and Chinese myths and have surfaced during the Medieval period and the Renaissance. Even the Old Testament contains possible mentions of unicorns. 

It’s unlikely, however, that those unicorns of yore looked anything like their modern day descendants. Once upon a time, unicorns were depicted as having the head of a stag, the feet of an elephant and the tail of a boar. Fast forward several millennia however, and unicorns look very different. These days, the one-horned creatures are usually pink, purple, sparkly, glittery or fluffy (or all of the above). 

And, typically, these unicorn toys are marketed for young girls. 

In my household, however, it’s my eight-year-old son who is the unicorn lover. 

Unicorn gifts for girls
The unicorn colour changing umbrella

My youngest is unicorn obsessed. In his room you’ll find unicorn bedding and unicorn pyjamas; unicorn hair clips and a bright pink unicorn night light and alarm clock; unicorn books and a unicorn t-shirt that really is too small but that he refuses to part with. He travels to school with a unicorn backpack and a purple lunchbox with a unicorn horn protruding from the top.  

This obsession with unicorns might mean that his room is less bedroom and more a paddock for mystical one-horned beasts but it does mean that finding unique gifts for birthdays is relatively straightforward, especially with Wicked Uncle

There are many reasons why I like using Wicked Uncle to find presents for kids whether that’s Christmas gifts for godchildren, birthday gifts for my own kids or another special occasion. They have a lot of fun toys, games, and board games for a range of ages that have all been tested by kids.

And, when it comes to unicorn gift ideas, they have a range of magical gifts that I haven’t seen anywhere else. 

So, if you’re looking for fun unicorn gifts for girls or boys, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our unicorn gift guide for creative kids. 

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Unicorn gifts for girls
Unicorn poo!

The best unicorn gifts for girls and boys

From unicorn theme umbrellas and hand puppets for creative play to glow in the dark blankets and unicorn poo (yes, really!), here’s our top pick of unicorn gifts for unicorn fans.

unicorn gifts for girls
The felt sewing kit – Unicorn themed!

Unicorn Colour Changing Umbrella 

We’ve managed to get a lot of use out of this unicorn umbrella already thanks to the number of rainy days we’ve had in LondonThe pale pink umbrella features prancing unicorns, smiling flowers and rainbows. When it’s dry, the colours are a range of pretty pastels. When it rains however, the different colours change into a brighter, more vibrant hue.

Rainy days have never looked so good! 

RRP £15.95

Unicorn Felt Sewing Kit – For Beginners!

When looking for the perfect unicorn gift I much prefer an interactive toy that will provide hours of fun rather than something that kids will get bored of after ten minutes. That’s why I encouraged my youngest to choose this unicorn felt sewing kit. Crafty toys always make a great gift and this set is no exception. It’s easy to use with clear instructions and comes with pre-made holes in the felt material and plastic needles so there’s no danger of any pricked fingers.

RRP £13.95

Unicorn Handbag

Part plush toy, part handbag, this fluffy white unicorn handbag comes complete with its own sparkly horn (of course it does!). This was high up on my son’s Wishlist but ultimately lost out to the unicorn poo (see below). 

RRP £19.95

Bath Bombs – Unicorn Poo!

Could these fragrant, fizzy balls of rainbow unicorn poo be the best gift ever? Quite possibly, yes! These mini bath bombs come in swirls of pink, blue, purple, green, and yellow and start to bubble and fizz as soon as they’re placed in water. The fragrance is, fortunately, more fruity than pooey making for a magical bath time experience. 


Unicorn Travel Buddy – Pillow & Eye Mask

Another one of the cute unicorn gifts that didn’t quite make the grade is this unicorn themed travel set. The unicorn plush unzips to create a travel pillow and reveal a magical unicorn eye mask inside. The travel buddy comes with a travel hook so you can clip it onto your backpack or bag when travelling. 

RRP £14.95

Unicorn Neon Colouring Book

​Combining hours of creative fun with a love of unicorns is this 24-page colouring book. Alongside the magical one-horned creatures are cupcakes and narwhals (of course!). the book comes with neon felt tips and glittery gold stickers too. 

RRP £14.95

Unicorn Poo

Because apparently there’s no such thing as too much unicorn poo, this was the final item in our shopping cart. I’ll be honest, the squishy, squashy (and a little slimy) unicorn pool is not what I would choose first but it is hands down my son’s absolute favourite item! It splats, sticks to walls, windows and door and, fortunately, is easy to clean. 

RRP £5.95

So there you have it, our top pick of all things unicorn for girls – and boys. Which one is your favourite?

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