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Ok, yes, February 14th is all a little Hallmark-y but if you do want to treat the traveller in your life this Valentine’s Day then we’re here to help. We say, don’t buy chocolates, ignore the heart-carrying teddy bears and forget the dozen roses (they don’t last long anyway). Instead, get your (travel) lover something that they will really appreciate. Here are our top Valentine’s Day gifts for those people in your life that love to travel – kids too!



Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travel Lovers

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Travel Lovers! via @globetotting1


1.Hey Handsome Toiletry Bag (USD $68) AmazonOwen & Fred

Because it’s always nice to be told that you look good….especially when you’re on holiday!

2. Personalised collar cuffs (USD $14) Etsy UK

Customise these collar stiffeners for the business traveller in your life.

3. Votivo Travel Candle (USD $12.95) Amazon

Bring a touch of luxury to your home, or even your hotel room, with this travel candle.

4. Fine & Raw Chocolate (From USD $7)

Ok, I know we said forget the chocolates but this chocolate is different!

5. Love in the time of Cholera (USD $9) Amazon

The perfect holiday read for hopeless romantics.

6. Veuve Clicquot (USD $75) Amazon

Every day is a good day for champagne as far as we’re concerned so consider surprising that special someone with a bottle of bubbles on your next trip.

7. Travel flats (USD $62) Amazon

Comfy and stylish, these travel flats are your perfect holiday companion.

8. Heart padlock for suitcase (USD $13) Amazon

Wear your heart on your suitcase.

9. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser (USD $200) Amazon

For exploring your hometown or city, a bike is the best way to get around.

10. Vintage Travel & Ski Posters (USD 10) Etsy UK

Lots of vintage Ski posters at British auction house Christie’s annual Ski Sale have been sold for as much as £25,000! Fortunately, more affordable ski and travel posters are available and make a lovely gift.

11. Custom Leather Flasks (USD: $66) Etsy UK

Personalise your hip flask with anything you like; your initials, the date of your first holiday together or your next travel destination.



Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids Who Love To Travel

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids Who Love to Travel via @globetotting


1.Heart umbrella (USD $35) Amazon

Bring some cheer to rainy days, whether at home or away, with this cute heart umbrella.

2. Tiffany charms

Fill up their charm bracelet with travel-inspired charms.

3. Macaroons (USD $36) Amazon

Say I love you with a box of colourful macaroons. Bonus points if you know which country they originated from. Clue, it’s not France.

4. Engraved padlock (USD $30) Etsy UK

Lock up your carry on baggage with this nifty padlock. Handy for keeping younger siblings out of your stuff, too.

5. Oh the Places You’ll Go! (USD $11.44) Amazon

One of our favourite books for inspiring kids to travel, this Dr. Seuss classic makes a great present at any time of the year.

6. Follow Your Heart Pocket Compass (USD 17.50) Amazon

Die hard romantics will say always follow your heart. We say when you’re lost in the woods, a compass is much more reliable!

7. Heart Blanket Sleepers (From USD 4.50) Amazon

Super cute all-in-one PJs for little travellers.

8. Magnetic globe (USD $60) Amazon

Perfect for choosing your next family trip…or marking off destinations that you’ve already been to.

9. I’m Outta Here passport cover (USD $24) Amazon

For first-time travellers and seasoned pros.

10. Pizza card (USD $4.5) Etsy UK

Chosen just because we like it…and we know our kids will too.

11. Headphone splitter (USD $8) Amazon

Be loved by fellow airplane passengers with this handy headphone splitter so all siblings can listen to the movie.



Leave the Kids! The Best Romantic Escapes for Parents 

Hotel Explora Patagonia

Hotel Explora Patagonia

Stay tuned for our Valentine’s special of places to escape to without the kids which we will publish on Valentine’s Day.


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