12 fun Wicked Uncle gift ideas for outdoors kids

Officially, we’ve only a couple more weeks until winter is over. Hopefully, in the northern hemisphere at least, we can wave goodbye to long dark nights and chilly temperatures and say hello to green shoots, spring blooms and more light!

It’s also time to welcome in warmer temperatures and more time outdoors. As much as we try and get outside during the winter months, there’s no denying that we all much prefer being outdoors when the sun is shining. This is when we pump up the bike tires, dust off the scooters and maybe, just maybe, bring out a picnic mat.

We also like to play games outdoors and we’ve got a box full of frisbees and balls that we pull out for some outdoor fun.

Spring also brings with it a handful of birthdays in the family, which means finding the perfect gift. Fortunately, the Wicked Uncle website has lots of ideas for presents for children who love to be outside – as well as children who would rather be indoors but their parents are trying to encourage the to spend time in nature. Sometimes an outdoor game is a great way to incentivise kids to leave the house!

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Wicked uncle gifts
Spring time is the time to be outdoors!

Wicked Uncle have a great selection of fun gifts for children of all ages. The website is easy to use and stocks a wide variety of top quality presents.

You’ll find everything from fun swimming goggles and LED baseball caps that light up in a funky electric blue colour to remote control cars (as well as robots and frilled lizards), bath bombs (the fizzy balls of colourful unicorn poo are a favourite in our household), and gliders.

There is a ‘search by age’ function on the website starting with babies and going up to 14. There’s also a category for the 15 – 105 year olds, for older teens as well as those who might be older in age but still young at heart. 

You can also search by gender and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a lot of crossover between the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ presents (and that the latter wasn’t all pretty and pink).

So, as we look forward to sunnier days I’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for playing with outside – for all family members!

Wicked uncle gifts
The Pocket Swing can be put almost anywhere (Photo Credit: Wicked Uncle)

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be great game to play outdoors and this Kids Scavenger Hunt is no exception. Spin the wheel and choose a card from the deck that tells you what to find. Some cards are marked with a camera icon, meaning your kids get let loose with the digital camera and bring home a picture of a cat rather than ‘borrow’ the neighbours pet! There’s a deck of indoor cards too meaning you can still play this game on a rainy day

Hide & Seek Periscope

Taking hide and seek to a whole new level is this periscope that allows kids to peek over walls or behind trees without being seen. Made from bamboo, the periscope is eco-friendly too. 

Unicorn Head Torch

Ok, so this is not necessarily a game but this wonderfully sparkly Unicorn Head Torch would guarantee that Sammy, my youngest, would leave the house happily! This fairytale head torch comes with two light settings and even sound effects! 

Jump Rocket 

A jump rocket is always great fun. It’s such a simply concept – jump onto a launch pad and a lightweight ‘rocket’ goes flying into the sky. This one, however, is even better as the three rockets all light up meaning it can fly at night – and perform a light show at the same time.

Pocket Swing

This is the perfect present; a portable swing set that fits into your pocket and can be used almost anywhere. Simply fasten the orange straps between two strong trees using the metal carabiners and there you go, your very own swing or mini hammock! The swing can hold up to 100kg. 

Rock Painting

If your kids are more arty than active then this rock painting set is the perfect way to combine creativity with time outdoors. The kit comes with six smooth stones to get you started with as well as six pots of acrylic paints and two paintbrushes. Also included is a book filled with tips, inspiration and step by step projects for creating your own rock art creations. 

Wicked uncle gifts
This Jump Rocket lights up so you can fire it at night too (Photo Credit: Wicked Uncle)

Feather Flyer

Sometimes this simplest games are the most fun. This Waboba Flyer is a cross between playing badminton and keep uppys and the challenge is to see how long you can keep the feathered flyer off the ground.

World’s Bounciest Inflatable Ball

The self-proclaimed world’s bounciest inflatable ball blows up to an enormous 1.41m circumference (it comes with a foot pump for super fast inflation). This is the perfect present for all the family – the grippy graphics means easy catching even for little hands. 

Giant Bubble Set 

There are bubbles and there are gigantic bubbles that come in lots of fun shapes! This giant bubble set contains two bubble wands, a tray and bubble fluid for creating magical bubbles and lots of fun.


For safe scooting and cycling around the streets, attach a Mini HORNIT to the handlebars. The hornit is both a light and the modern equivalent to a bicycle bell only that it comes with an array of lights and 25 fun sounds including a horse, a lion and a police siren! 

Unicorn Squeeze Popper

Yes, it’ still but sometimes the smallest, simplest toys are as much fun as the bigger, more complicated ones. There are various versions of this squeeze popper on the website but given that we love unicorns in this household, we could only ever choose the Unicorn one. Squeeze the toys tummy to launch balls up to 20ft! Note that these are soft foam balls!

Pocket Kite

This very cool kite comes with its own little bag that’s small enough to put in your pocket. Take it with you and pull it out whenever you like – it comes complete with string and tail – and when you’re finished, simply pop it back in the bag again! 

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