Yasuragi Kids, a serene and family-friendly spa in Stockholm

There’s a reason why the words ‘spa’ and ‘kids’ are rarely seen in the same sentence; spas are places where you go to relax – and to escape the kids!

Sweden, however, has a far more progressive attitude to children and families than many countries so it’s no surprise that Stockholm is also home to a family-friendly spa.

Yasuragi Kids is a Japanese-inspired spa that welcomes children during the summer months and, as I discovered, is absolute heaven.

Post by Victoria. Updated for 2020.

Yasuragi Kids
Yasuragi Kids: A family-friendly spa in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo credit: Yasuragi Spa


Yasuragi, meaning ‘inner peace and harmony’ is a Stockholm spa and hotel that aims to provide guests with a complete holistic experience. However, you don’t have to stay overnight at Yasuragi to enjoy the serene services. There are a number of day packages on offer too.

The spa describes itself as a “sanctuary for the inner self” and is known primarily for its relaxing Japanese baths, designed to soothe the body and clear the mind. It’s located on a hilltop overlooking Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago. But despite being only 20 minutes from the city centre, the pine forest and zen-like architecture makes you feel like you are far, far away from modern day life.

For 10 months of the year, Yasuragi is open to visitors aged 16 years and over. However, during the summer months Yasuragi opens its doors to children of all ages. This period is known as Yasuragi Kids.


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What is Yasuragi Kids?

Yasuragi Kids was developed to offer families the opportunity to spend quality time together in relaxing and peaceful environment. Yasuragi Kids is not glorified kids’ club where you can leave your kids while you go off for a massage. Nor is it one of those Barbie-style makeover spas for kids – thankfully!

Instead, Yasuragi Kids is a place where you can spend some time simply being with your children. A place that aims to help children slow down and reconnect with themselves and to help families unwind together.

There are no childcare facilities and parents are responsible for their children at all times. Parents are also expected to participate in activities together.


Yasuragi Kids
At Yasuragi Kids all guests over two-years-old are given their very own yukata. Photo Credit: Yasuragi Spa

The yukata

Upon arrival, all guests over two-years-old are given their very own yukata, a cotton robe, to wear throughout their stay; to the Japanese baths, during activities and also at mealtimes. The yukata is decorated with Japanese symbols meaning ‘good luck and happiness’ and ‘true joy’ and is yours to keep and take home at the end of your stay.

Guests over 13 years are also given swimwear (a black swimming suit for woman and shorts for men) and slippers. Kids under 13 are required to bring their own swimming kit and slippers or flip flops.


Yasuragi Kids
Washing their worries away. Photo credit: Yasuragi Kids

The Japanese baths

Most families visit Yasaragi Kids to experience the Japanese baths. These include a number of hot springs (both indoors and outside under the pine trees), saunas*, a 25m long indoor pool, a tearoom, quiet zones and ablution rooms.

Before getting started, adults and children are taught a traditional cleansing ritual to ‘wash their worries away’. This involves sitting on a little wooden stool in the ablution areas and pouring warm water over yourself with slow and repeated movements.


Spa activities for kids

Yasuragi Kids
Family yoga at Yasuragi Kids. Photo credit: Yasuragi Spa


In addition to the Japanese Baths, Yasuragi Kids offers an extensive range of activities from quiet mediations and sound therapy to fish pedicures, mindful colouring-in and sushi lessons. Activities include:

  • Sushi School: Kids are taught to make a maki-roll which they can share with their family at the end of the class
  • Yoga for the entire family.
  • Journey of sound: In this deeply relaxing mediation the instructor takes participants on a ‘journey into the world of imagination’ with a series of Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Play corner: Aimed at young children, this area is filled with toys inspired by Yasuragi. Kids can draw or look at colourful books. There are mindful colouring-in worksheets and an activity where kids can make Japanese dolls from toilet rolls!
  • Japanese arts & crafts: Slightly older children can learn to make a Japanese dragon, fold their own origami crane or try to draw a manga comic figure. For every crane made and hung on the wall, Yasuragi makes a donation to UNICEF.
  • Trail of senses: This outdoor walking trail aims to help children be present by simply enjoying the moment.
  • Sumo wrestling: Participants learn something of the origins of sumo and the sports status in Japan – as well as being given the opportunity to tackle their mum or dad.
  • Qi Gong: Families are taught the gentle art of Qi Gong using a soft scent ball. The ball makes it easier to find the right moves as well as allowing you to be aware of your body and its movements.


Note: With the exception of the sushi class where parents watch from the the sidelines, parents are expected to participate in all of these activities.


Yasuragi Kids
A meditation for kids and adults featuring Tibetan singing bowls. Photo credit: Yasuragi Spa


Yasuragi treatments for kids

There is also a spa menu for kids aged 8-12 years, which includes:

  • Shiatsu – soft pressure massage (children wear their yukata)
  • Wellness Air Massage
  • Head harmony – scalp massage
  • Face harmony – facial. Gentle cleansing with massage
  • Fish spa – fish pedicure. Garra Rufa fish remove dead skin particles.
  • Treatments are approx 25 minutes and parents can be present.
  • Children over 13 years old can use the adult spa menu. Treatments for adults include massages, facials and infrared heat therapy. Spa treatments are tailored for pregnant woman (after 12 weeks)


Yasuragi Kids
Qi Gong with Chiball. Photo credit: Yasuragi Spa



As you might expect from a place so focused on wellbeing, Japanese food features strongly at Yasuragi’s four restaurants (two of which are open during the summer months). They include:

  • Tokyo Lounge Bar: Home to Sweden’s largest selection of sake. Yes, sake is also good for wellbeing!
  • Tokyo Restaurant: This restaurant, overlooking the archipelago, offers a fusion of Japanese and Swedish cuisine.
  • Kyarabi: A spa lounge serving raw food.
  • Teppanyaki: chefs prepare dinner on a flat iron griddle in front of you. In the summer months they serve a dinner buffet here.


For kids, the lunch buffet includes sushi, spaghetti with meatballs and fish or meat from the grill. For dinner, there is a large buffet, for both adults and children. This includes sushi, gyoza, noodles, okonomiyaki, fish and various meats cooked on the griddles in Teppanyaki. Tea and a fruit buffet is available throughout the day in the spa lounge.



Yasuragi Kids
Rooms at Yasuragi Hotel. Photo credit: Yasuragi Spa


You can either visit Yasuragi Kids as part of a day package, or as an overnight stay at the hotel. There are 191 Japanese-inspired rooms in total, spread across seven categories. Rooms can accommodate up to five or six people, which works well for larger families, and interconnecting rooms are also available.


Getting to Yasuragi

Yasuragi Kids is located about 19km from Stockholm Central Station and can be reached by bus (35 mins + 10 minute walk), boat (30 minutes + 10 minute walk) or car (20 minutes).

What to bring

  • Swimming nappies/diapers (although you can also buy these in the Yasuragi shop)
  • Personal toiletries such as face cream, comb/hairbrush and deodorant
  • Swimwear & slippers (or flip flops) for children under 13 years.
  • Yasuragi provides: Swimwear & slippers (for 13 years and over), yukata robe, towels, conditioner, soap.


When is Yasuragi Kids open?

Yasuragi Kids operates during the summer months (approx. last week of June to first week August. See website for exact dates).

For more information on Yasuragi and Yasuragi kids, take a look at their website.

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34 thoughts on “Yasuragi Kids, a serene and family-friendly spa in Stockholm”

  1. I wish I could be a kid again. Anyway, I wonder how was it felt to try the Yasuragi? As far as I know, this is what most of the Japanese loved.

    1. I totally agree! Being able to unwind and unplug can be just as difficult for kids as it is for adults, especially in this age of electronics. And yes, aren’t the matching robes adorable! What’s nice is that they are yours to keep and take home afterwards 🙂

  2. I want to do this! What an amazing experience and I totally agree that it would be a great family bonding experience. Definitely adding it to our bucket list!

    1. Definitely one to add to the bucket list! It really is a lovely way to spend time with the family. Just remember that Yasuragi Kids is only open in the summer months. In the winter months, it’s for adults only. Although I’m told it is just as magical in the deep winter when the place is covered in snow!

  3. globalmunchkins82

    This looks absolutely incredible. What an amazing way to vacation with kids. It is different than anything else I have seen. You get incredible bonding, culture, education. And, I can bet you come back actually relaxed. Would definitely be a welcomed change from our fast paced active vacations. I pinned for later!

    1. I know exactly what you mean (I have a very active son!). However there is a fantastic balance of activities here. In contrast to seeing children lying motionless in meditation sessions, I also saw them leaping from hot saunas into freezing plunge pools in fits of giggles (disclaimer: with adult supervision of course!) and burning off excess energy in those sumo wrestling suits! There are also walks in the forest and plenty of other ways to burn off steam, so that they can be more focused in the quieter activities.

  4. TravelTheGlobe4Less

    oh wow this place looks amazing. I wish I had known about this location when I was there in September.

  5. What a great way to enjoy time with your kids but also expose them to experiences like this. The Journey of Sound class looks really powerful for those kids! With the right focus and awareness, every child can be still and center themselves.

    1. Absolutely. The meditation class was a real eye-opener for me. After researching the subject further I realised how important it is for children to learn how to calm their minds, and what a difference it can make to their emotional development.

  6. What an idea! My kids are all grown and nearly adults but to find a place that welcome the kids is fantastic! If I were a kid I think my favorite activities would have been the sushi class (which I have don as an adult and had a blast) and the sum wrestling! 😀

    1. Yes, the sushi and sumo wrestling activities were very popular! What I loved about Yasuragi was the range of activities they offer families. Not just quiet, reflective moments like wallowing in hot springs and meditations but also lively activities like sumo wrestling and the ‘Trail of Senses’ in which families can let off steam and have fun together.

  7. Did you just put de-stress and kids in the same sentence? How is that possible. lol. This place looks awesome and lI love Sweden’s perspective on children. Its brilliant. Honestly once kids are giggling and having fun it’ll make any stress go away!!! Great post.

  8. This looks incredible. What an amazing way to vacation with kids. My daughter is only four years old but I think she’d really enjoy this. She already loves spas; this is stepping it up a notch.

  9. This spa looks like a total zen! I did not know such thing exist in stockholm, I’m bookmarking it for future reference since I’m planning to visit again in couple of months. This is really nice though, and great that they are so kid friendly!

    1. Lucky you to be visiting Sweden! Just a reminder that Yasuragi Kids is only open during the summer months. In the winter they only allows adults. I hope you get there!

  10. This sounds like such a fun family outing! It is nice that they have nature trails and a craft center for kids as well and that the center allows for proper technology free interaction between parents, children and their environment!

    1. So true. What with the world becoming so dependent on technology it really is a blessing to have tech-free pockets in which you can unplug. Something I find impossible to do at home, no matter how hard I try!

  11. This is such a fun concept!! We don’t have kids, but it still looks like a great place to visit anyways, and I can see how it would be wonderful to bring your kids there! Hope you can go back with them sometime 🙂 I would like to try to sushi class myself, haha, even if it’s an activity for the kids!

    1. Even if you don’t have kids, Yasuragi is still worth a visit, particularly during the winter months (when it only allows adults) as I hear it’s a very serene and romantic place in the snow!

  12. Wow! As a single parent, it’s very rare I get to indulge in spa experiences but this concept sounds wonderful! At home, we have been practicing meditating a little. I think my son would love this experience, especially as he’d get to spend some quality time with me and get me at my best self (calm and relaxed!) ?

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