Our globetotting story begins in India…

We met and became friends while living in New Delhi; both Brits and both attempting to navigate the megacity and the country with small children in tow. Our eldest two children became best friends too – we’re secretly hoping that they will be once more if we ever manage to get them in the same country again!

We soon discovered that although there was plenty of information for backpackers travelling in India as well as luxury travellers, reliable, informative information for families navigating the country was limited. And so we created a website for families in India; we reviewed hotels, recommended easy escapes from Delhi and told travel tales about exploring India with children.

From our initial India-focused site, globetotting has grown to become a resource for families who want to travel the world with their children and visit less “traditional” family destinations. You won’t find reviews of Disney here but you will find tips on how to visit Machu Picchu with kids. Between us we’ve trekked in Nepal with toddlers, discovered the adventures of Christopher Columbus in Spain, climbed pyramids in Mexico, sailed the San Blas islands in Panama, celebrated the Indian festival of Holi and more.

We both left Asia a couple of years ago – Victoria is now based in Panama and Katja in Mexico City – and we’re enjoying exploring this side of the world with our families.

We hope that you find globetotting useful and that it will help to inform and inspire. Travel the world with your kids! It’s the best thing you will ever do.

Happy travels,


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