Welcome to globetotting!

globetotting originally started in India when I met, and became friends with, Victoria while we were both living in New Delhi. We were both attempting to navigate the country and city with small children in tow and we soon discovered that although there was plenty of information for backpackers or luxury travellers in India, there was little information for families. And so, we created a website for families in India; we reviewed hotels, recommended easy escapes from Delhi and told travel tales about exploring India with children.

From this initial India-focused site, globetotting grew to become a trusted resource for families who love adventurous family travel. We shared tales on how to visit Machu Picchu with kids, trekking in Nepal with toddlers, climbing pyramids in Mexico with grandparents and more.


In July 2017, Victoria moved to Quito, Ecuador and decided to pursue exciting new adventures leaving me to run globetotting. At the same, I moved back to the UK after nearly 12 years living abroad (Australia, India and Mexico) and I’m now rediscovering London, and the U.K., with my family. I have three children (each born in a different country) and we all absolutely love to travel. Ok, the toddler doesn’t always love to travel but I do share the realities of family travel and that includes toddler tantrums everywhere from Guatemala to Finland. My husband is also an avid traveller but is less keen appearing in photos!

I grew up travelling and spent my childhood moving countries. I am a travel writer by trade and have co-authored various Lonely Planet guides (including China, Australia and India) and have reviewed hotels for the British luxury hotel brand, Mr & Mrs Smith. My work has also appeared in publications including BBC Food, The Sunday Telegraph (Australia), Hotelier International, and The Australian among others.

I hope that you find globetotting useful and that it will help to inform and inspire. Travel the world with your kids! It’s the best thing you will ever do.

Happy travels,