Top tips for making the most of Legoland Billund

Is Legoland Billund fun? Yes, it is. It’s really fun.

We don’t visit that many theme parks but the annoyingly catchy Lego Movie song has a point. And really, everything is awesome when it comes to Legoland.

If you’re planning to visit, then here are some Legoland Billund tips for making the most out of your visit – whether you’re a Lego fan or not!


Legoland Billund Tips
Why is there no one else around? Because I got the timings wrong and we arrived an hour before opening time!


We ended up in Billund quite by chance. We had recently moved from Mexico back to the UK and were in need of a break from unpacking boxes. Cue a fantastic deal from British Airways and suddenly we found ourselves heading to Denmark for a 10-day break.

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Visiting Legoland Billund 

Legoland Billund Tips
Treasure! Meeting pirates at Legoland Billund


Legoland Billund is the first Legoland and first opened its doors in June 1968.

It was built next to the original Lego factory by Godfred Christiansen, the son of the the Lego founder Ole Kirk Christiansen, as a way to promote his toy business.

Legoland became an instant success and quickly grew from its original 14-acre plot to cover 45-acres. Today, it’s the most visited place in Denmark after Copenhagen and a further five Legolands have been built around the world, all modelled on this original one.

In September 2017, the LEGO House opened. Also known as the “Home of the Brick”, this is the world’s largest playhouse filled with 25 million LEGO bricks. It’s open to children of all ages, offering endless opportunities for learning through play with LEGO.


Legoland Billund Tips
Ninjago World at Legoland Billund


Legoland Billund is divided into nine areas:

  • Duplo Land
  • Imagination Zone
  • Knight’s Kingdom
  • Legoredo Town
  • Miniland
  • Adventure land
  • Polar Land
  • Pirate Land
  • Ninjago World


At the heart of the park is Miniland, where skilled master builders have created Lego versions of famous buildings and cities around the world using more than 20 million Lego bricks.

When we visited, the park was celebrating five of the tallest buildings in the world by replicating them in miniature. On show were Lego versions of the Burj Khalifa, the Shanghai Tower, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, the One World Trade Centre and Taipei 101.


Legoland Billund Tips
How do your Lego building skills compare?!


From Miniland, the park spreads out and you simply follow the paths from one magical Lego world to another.

We headed straight to Polar Land when we arrived. Located at the far end of the park, we thought we would beat the queues that would form later for Polar Express, arguably  the best roller coaster in Legoland Billund.


Legoland Billund Tips
Polar Land, where you’ll find the best rollercoaster in the park


From here we walked, or rather ran, through Adventure Land on to Knights Kingdom and then to Pirate Land.

No sooner had we finished one ride then it was on to the next. And everything was, according to the kids, just so exciting!


Legoland Billund Tips
Splash Battle at Pirate Land – my favourite!


What I really liked about Legoland Billund was that there was a lot for kids of all ages.

We visited when the kids were aged 10-, 7- and 2.5-years-old. Often when we go places, the age gap between the oldest two and the youngest means that there’s not always something for everyone to enjoy.

At Legoland Billund, however, almost every area of the park has something for kids of all ages. What’s more, there were rides that we could all enjoy together such as the ridiculously fun – and wet! – Splash Battle where you try and spray your fellow pirates with water from the deck of your ship.


Legoland Billund Tips
Adventure Land – can you spot the Lego bird?


The newest area to open in the park when we visited was Ninjago Land and, not surprisingly, queues for the Ninjago Ride were long. The lines do move quickly, however and the wait is worth it because this ride is fantastic.

Your ninja skills are put to the test in a 4D ride that sees you battle through ice, wind and fire with your Ninjago pals before attempting to defeat the giant serpent at the end. Expect a lot of enthusiastic hand flailing as you try to become a master of Spinjitzu.


Legoland Billund tips
Have you got what it takes to be a ninja?


And then of course, there’s Duplo Land which is heaven for little kids.


Legoland Billund Tips


Legoland Billund Tips
Duplo Land


Our last stop of the day was Atlantis where we joined our Lego explorer friends as they headed deep into the ocean to find the lost city of Atlantis.


Visiting Legoland Billund, Denmark
We all live in a Lego submarine


What I really enjoyed about Legoland is just how clever it all is.

And by clever I don’t just mean the skill that’s required for building all these amazing buildings and cities, and places and faces out of Lego, but the humour that you’ll find throughout the park. Such as the scuba diver standing with an umbrella in Atlantis or the pirate whose trousers have fallen down in Pirate Land.

Everything is just designed to make you smile and laugh, and I love that.


Legoland Billund Tips
Help! There’s plenty to make you smile at Legoland Billund


Legoland Billund Tips

Legoland Billund Tips


    • Buy your tickets online in advance and you’ll get a 10% discount.
    • Arrive at the park for opening time. We arrived about an hour before the park opened as I got the time wrong but it allowed us to discover this nearby coffee house that gave us the fuel we needed to brave the park!
    • Leave enough time to visit the park; at least one full day.
    • Bring a picnic. We quickly discovered that the Danes are great picnickers, largely because eating out is expensive. You can, however, buy food and drinks on site.
    • If you stay at the Legoland Hotel then you get access to the park.
    • New for 2019 was the Legoland Castle Hotel.
    • If you don’t want to stay at the Legoland Hotel then I can highly recommend Bolding Apartments. Located just 10 minutes from Legoland, these five self-contained apartments are lovely and perfect for families.


Things to do in Billund near Legoland

Visiting Legoland Billund, Denmark
What’s better than Legoland? Legoland followed by ice cream!


There are lots of things to do in Billund Denmark, including:

We didn’t go but Lalandia, the largest water park in Scandinavia, is right next door to Legoland. It’s filled with water slides, wave pools and jacuzzis and supposed to be a lot of fun.

Also nearby is Givskud Zoo which is more like a safari park than a traditional zoo and fun for kids.

The most exciting new attraction to open its doors in Billund is LEGO House. Built to resemble giant Lego bricks, the opened in September 2017.


How to get to Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund is located just 2km from Billund Airport. From Billund Airport there are direct connections to most of Europe.

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