Things to do in London with Kids in March

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I’m a little late publishing this post but, quite frankly, the bitterly cold temperatures that we experienced last week did not motivate me to leave the house! Now that Spring has finally sprung (or, at least, it feels like it’s finally on the way) I’m excited about making the most of the capital this month. There are a lot of events and activities happening in London in March for families, from a visit to Middle Earth to activities for young feminists and a play about rescuing a mermaid. Here’s what on in London for families this March.



Who runs the world? Girls!

March is women’s history month and with it comes a number of events celebrating the female of the species. One such event is the Women of the World festival that is being held at the Southbank Centre from March 7 to 11 and includes an Under 10s Feminist Corner Here, hour-long workshops explore what it means to be a girl and what girls (and boys) can do to ensure gender equality happens. There are different sessions for differen ages: workshops for girls aged six and seven are being held on March 10, for girls aged eight to ten on March 11 and for boys aged eight to ten on March 10. For more information, take a look at the website.


Paint the Town Green

Be prepared to paint the town green during the capital’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Sunday is the main event with a big parade featuring traditional Irish music, dancers and floats…and no doubt plenty of Guinness, too! Performances will be held in Trafalgar Square alongside a food and crafts market. There’s a special family zone on Pall Mall where kids can enjoy Irish-themed games and workshops. For more information, take a look at the website.


Visit Middle Earth

March 25 is national Tolkien reading day and this year the Discover Children’s Story Centre is celebrating with storytelling events (beware of dragons!), a beard-making workshop and a lecture exploring the rich literary history and cultural significance of Tolkien’s seminal works. These events are held on March 24th. For more information take a look at the website.


Rescue A Mermaid

Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks’ whimsical tale of the singing mermaid who runs away to join a travelling circus is brought to life at The Little Angel Theatre. The tale is told through enchanting puppetry, performance and music, and is guaranteed to charm parents and kids alike. The Singing Mermaid is on until April 22. For more information and tickets, take a look at the website.


Happy Holi! 

Celebrate the arrival of Spring (or, rather, hope for the arrival of Spring!) with a variation of this colourful Indian festival. Held in the Cinnamon Kitchen, guests are invited to put on a protective white suit and throw Technicolor paint at one another. Definitely a great way to bring some colour back into your life! For more information and tickets, take a look at the website.


Defend the Tower

The Tower of London is under attack and you must help the heroic guards to defend the castle from its enemies! Find out what happened when the Red Earl and tried to batter down the walls with his seige engines. Discover how Joanna Ferrour led a peasant rebellion through the tower’s fortified gates. And learn how Sir Thomas Neville aimed his newly-invented cannons at the castle walls. These true historical tales are recreated in a 35-minute show (at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm) and you can join the Tower’s troops!


Sister Brother

If you have a brother or sister, or are parents to more than one child, then you are well aware that siblings talk, fight, argue, annoy, support, love one another and much more. This exhibition, at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood, explores the influence our siblings have on our identity. Portratis by Madeleine Waller explore sibling relationships and how they affect our sense of identify. A great way to get older kids thinking about thei relationships with their sibling(s) and how this affects their identity. The exhibit runs until May 2018. For more information, take a look at the website.


Bring some colour into your life

If you’re feeling then need for some more colour in your life, then this exhibition, Colour: The Rainbow Revealed, is one for you. Held at the Horniman Museum in south-east London, kids can learn how colours are made, discover how animals use colour to attract and hide, and understand how different colours mean different things for people around the world. There are plenty of family-friendly displays and interactive exhibits to keep children of all ages occupied including the Mood Room with multi-coloured lights and the Art Machine where you can create your own Technicolor masterpiece. If you can’t make it this month then don’t worry, the award-winning exhibit runs until October 2018. For more information, see the website.



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