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See our carefully curated directory of travel agents and tour operators, all of whom specialise in creating holiday itineraries for families.  If you would like someone else to organise your family holiday then make and enquiry and you’ll be referred directly to the appropriate agent.

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Welcome to globetotting! 

We are a family travel blog for families who love adventure. globetotting was created by Katja and Victoria, friends and mums who are determined to show their children the world. Through family travel tales, destination guides, itinerary suggestions, travel gear reviews and more, we hope to inspire and inform families looking to travel the world together. Read more about us.

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How to Choose A Holiday

Travel inspiration is everywhere! From travel literature and guidebooks to Instagram and Pinterest there are myriad ways to choose a holiday destination.

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Popular Posts

How to Survive Cancelled Flights with Kids

What happens if you’re flight is cancelled and your stranded at the airport with kids? We share our top tips on how to be prepared and how to make the best of a bad travel situation.

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Sweden with Kids: De-stress (with your kids!) in a Family-Friendly Spa

We review Yasuragi Kids spa and discover a unique way for families to bond and unwind together. Learn mindfulness, enjoy spa treatments and take part in original family activities.

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Books for Girls: Inspired by International Women’s Day

Books for the Beach: Celebrate all that’s great about girls with our top books for kids in honour of International Women’s Day.

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Berghaus Review: Family Coats for the Great Outdoors

Travel Gear Review: We tested the Berghaus coats range for Kids and for Women in Chile and found them to be excellent family coats for the great outdoors.

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Armenia with Kids: 5 Places to Explore with the Family

Armenia with Kids: This lesser known destination is a wonderful choice for families. A country with a fascinating history also hides lots of great family-friendly activities. Here we share our Top 5.

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Mexico City with Kids: The Colourful Ancient Canals of Xochimilco

Mexico City with Kids: Once upon a time this megacity was a series of waterways and canals. Today the only place these remain are in Xochimilco.

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