Why we love Reima coats for kids 

As a family who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors we are always on the hunt for good outerwear that will keep the kids warm and dry. Nothing cuts short a family walk or a day’s skiing quicker than cold children! 

I had heard about Finnish brand Reima, partly through my obsession with all things Finland and partly because I’m always on the lookout for kid-focused brands that really know their stuff. 

So, I was delighted to partner with Reima and put three of their jackets, as well as their popular Wetter sneakers, to the test. Fortunately, the British weather cooperated and we had plenty of wind, rain and a smattering of sunshine to see how these coats fared. 

 Disclosure: I was gifted the Reima products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are entirely my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more details. 

Reima Coats
The Beringer Jacket and the Kulkija Jacket


Reima started in a small town called Kankaanpää near the west coast of Finland some 75 years ago. They began by repurposing old army uniforms into functional, comfortable clothing for the entire family. Today, they create a range of long-lasting, durable outerwear, rainwear and clothing for kids aged up to 14-years.

Their focus is on making long-lasting, high-quality clothing that can be passed down through families. They also have a strong environmental philosophy and believe that durability is one of the best ways to save resources. In addition, all their clothing is free from harmful chemicals. Their cotton is organic and they aim to have 50% of their clothing to include recyclable materials by 2023. 


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Reima coats

Reima Coats
The Naapuri Parka is one of Reima’s most popular coats


We tried three different Reima coats, the Kulkija Jacket, the Beringer/Heiberg Jacket and the Naapuri Parka over a number of wet and windy weekends. Overall, the jackets were excellent and they kept the kids warm and dry. 

They were also great for playing; some coats might look good but are restrictive in the shoulders, or don’t allow for many layers underneath. These coats were perfect for walking, climbing trees and playing chase. They’re also really lightweight so when the kids did get hot, the coats weren’t heavy to carry – because you know who had to carry them! 


Reima Coats
The Kulkija Jacket in Red, the Beringer Jacket in Blue and the Naapuri Parka in Yellow

Kulkija Jacket

The Kulkija Jacket is a brilliant coat. It’s ideal for winter pursuits – from walking to skiing – but also looks good enough to wear day-to-day. It’s warm, waterproof and breathable and comes in five different colours. 

What I particularly love about this jacket however, is that it is fully recyclable. Reima are committed to creating long-lasting durable clothes that can be passed down and reused. 

However, when the coat does come to the end of its shelf life, you can send it back to Reima and it will be given a second chance. All you have to do is register the unique ID on the name tag after purchase so that you can follow along and see what your old jacket becomes. 


Reima Coats
Reima coats are made for exploring the Great Outdoors

The Beringer / Heiberg Jackets

My eldest – aged 13 – has been trying out the Beringer jacket in blue and loves it. I also happen to like it a lot – so much so that I’ve tried it on and it just about fits me. If Reima were ever to start making coats for adults, this would be my coat of choice. 

This 2-in-1 jacket comes with removable sleeves and hood, turning it into a gilet for warmer days. 

During the winter, however, the Beringer will keep you toasty warm thanks to the ‘Coffee Bean Shimmer’, a new fabric that uses ground coffee beans to store heat. Trust me, this coat feels like you’re wearing a duvet! 

It’s also water and dirt-repellent, and windproof. 

The Beringer and Heiberg jackets are similar but the latter has a more shaped cut and comes in pastel colours. Typically, you would say that the Beringer is more of a ‘boys’ coat and the Heiberg is more for girls. 

However, and this is one of the other reasons that I really like Reima, is that they don’t distinguish between clothes for boys and clothes for girls. Kids can simply choose the coat and colour that they like. 


Naapuri Parka

This is the classic Reima jacket, a fantastic all-weather parka with a faux-fur trim. Much like the type of jackets that traditional explorers wear. 

The Naapuri Parka is part of Reima’s Originals range, pieces that have been popular since the 1990s. Style-wise they have changed little since then but they have been adapted to become more functional and durable. 

My youngest – aged 6 – chose the bright yellow version and has worn it every day since it arrived. This jacket comes in a wide range of colours and is waterproof, breathable and windproof. 


Reima coats
The excellent Reimatec Wetter sneakers

Reimatec Wetter Shoes

The Wetter sneakers are brilliant. If, like me, you have children who hate wearing wellies then the Wetter Shoes are a great alternative. They are waterproof and dirt repellent (although that won’t stop them getting covered in mud!). They’re durable but also very comfortable.

Apparently, they are even machine washable, although we haven’t tried that yet. 

For me, however, the best thing about these shoes is that they are so easy to put on. There’s no struggling with hiking boots or tying laces; they simply slip on, you pull the toggle and you’re ready to go. 

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